COFIOCA: KPOP Stars' Favorite Bubble Tea Cafe in Korea

Sunday, April 12, 2020

I just got back from my out-of-Seoul adventures, and have no plans for the rest of the day. Not one to waste any minute when in Korea (or any trip for that matter), I went out by late afternoon to just go around my area--buy the stuff my friends requested, buy winter appropriate clothes coz nauubusan nako by this time, and maybe look for a place to have dinner.

I have no routes to follow, but passed by roads I seldom pass by the past days. From Garosugil, I found myself in other areas of Apgujeong and Gangnam. Spotted pretty stores, a Uniqlo sale, actual shops of brands that I only see online...

... And surprisingly, I passed by the famous Cofioca! 

Cofioca is Korea's first-ever tapioca bubble tea cafe. They've been in Seoul for 2 decades now! SM Entertainment trainees visit this small store in Apgujeong regularly, that Cofioca became a part of foreign Kpop fans' Seoul itinerary.

Here's the menu of Cofioca. You can ask for the favorite drink of your favorite artist, but I ordered Strawberry Colada just because I was there during nighttime and ordered the first caffeine-free drink I spotted. Next time I'd like to try their Coconut Milk Tea! 

Price range is from KRW 5000-7000 (Php 200-300).

Cup Sleeves, posters, signatures, fan art, and more! Aside from the good drink, I also enjoyed roaming my eyes around the store's tiny interiors overflowing with photos and messages from Kpop stars!

Ajumma handed me my drink with a Kai cupsleeve! I was already seated next to the counter, when someone was handing me something... They are Kai fan art stickers! Ang cute, huhu!

I was lucky that I went there nighttime, and was able to occupy one of the three tables of the store. Usually guests have to lineup and then takeout their drinks because of the limited space. But while I was there, there's only one other guest on the far table next to the door. 

EXO's Sehun in Cofioca, photo from EXO Updates.

Mid-drink, I decided to face the other wall and the TV screen. Here's a glimpse!


The TV was tuned to SBS News, which showed updates on the Corona Virus. It was only early February, but COVID19 was already spreading across South Korea. 

Ajumma changing the channel to a variety show:

I wasn't able to have dinner na after, so when I got back in my goshiwon, I ate the strawberries I bought from Jumunjin. Also got corn and Loacker wafers in a nearby convenience store coz I wasn't super hungry after the Strawberry Colada. It was enough to call it a good day. :) 

How To Go To Cofioca: 
Get down Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 6
Follow Google Maps, Cofioca is next to a GS25 convenience store
Cofioca is open from 9:30am to 10pm

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