Work (Out) From Home: My Favorite Fitness Videos

Sunday, April 12, 2020

I have an on and off fitness life.

But when I do get hooked, my addiction lasts for weeks or even months that I'll even do it daily. Then there will be a disruption that usually comes in the form of a travel! This will make me pause my fitness life entirely.

There was a time that I was into hot yoga, but I relied in a yoga school or else I won't even practice it at home. I also had a phase of working out at home by going up and down our stairs for 3-5 songs, then doing planks in between. I also finished Crossfit 101, and that was the time when I was willing to commute all the way to Greenhills to attend my classes every other day. 

I think one of the best decisions I had for my fitness life is buying a LIFETIME gym membership when they had a promo 2 or 3 years ago (around Php 30k-ish, you can go to any of their branch na forever hehe!). I got lenient from time to time though, knowing that I can use my access anytime and it won't expire! 

Even before the Covid-19 Community Quarantine, I was already missing out on my fitness life because of all the events and work backlogs after staying in Korea for almost a month. That's why after settling in with the lockdown life, and feeling a bit sluggish for not going out, I decided to add working out for at least 30 minutes in my day. I haven't missed a day since I started last March 25!

I started with bad breathing and a heavy belly (hehehe) so I made sure to take it easy. Again, I wasn't in it for the vanity, I wanted to be healthy and strong--physically and even mentally! True enough, regular exercises helped a lot with my pandemic anxieties.

Sharing some of my favorite workout videos that you can try at home just to get the momentum starting! Feel free to share links if you have other fitness video recommendations in the comment box below! 😊

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Days 1-7: 

Started with simple yoga just to stretch my muscles and practice proper breathing.
I also added squats and sit-ups after doing the yoga

Favorite Home Yoga Youtuber: Yoga By Adriene

Yoga For Anxiety and Stress

Yoga for Complete Beginners

Yoga for Writers

Favorite Home Workout Youtuber: Chloe Ting

Days 8 - Onwards:

I levelled up by adding Chloe Ting's warm-up prior doing yoga. Later on, I tried other Chloe Ting workout videos after the warm-up, then ending with squats and sit-ups, then meditation.

Right now, I like doing Chloe Ting's warm-up + a combination of 2 of her workout videos.

Here are my favorites:

5 Min Warm Up Routine | Effective Warm Up Before ANY Workout

10 Min Standing Abs Workout to get Ripped ABS

Full Body No Jumping Workout To Burn Fat | Burn Thigh Fat Low Impact Cardio

Before hitting the showers, or even at night when I am about to sleep, I also got into a habit of listening to affirmations. They are also available on Youtube! I'll share one of my favorites, I used to play this every night when quarantine started in my country and I was having a hard time relaxing my mind or sleeping.

HEALTH Affirmations - Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)

You should check out the other affirmations from their channel, they have Entrepreneur Success, Inner Child Healing, Trauma Healing, Anxiety Relief, and even ones on wealth and dreams!

I wish you a healthier mind and body amidst the chaos happening in the world right now. Make sure to also eat healthy and have quality sleep at night. Can't believe I'm saying this but yes, Kdrama can wait in the morning! 😂

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