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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I booked all my rental and tour activities prior this Seoul trip. And to be honest, days prior my Korean High School Rental schedule, I was already regretting why I availed this! Haha!

You see, I am already (gets calculator to compute) 34 years old, way too old to look like a high schooler! I was doubting if I can pull this off! But since I won't get any refunds if I decided to not show up, might as well just get over it right?

Anyway, I was able to move my appointment from morning to 1pm, just enough time to have brunch in a Paris Baguette before looking for the rental place at the same building. Sakto din it is located in Jamsil, hindi ko pa masyado naeexplore this area in Seoul so that's my game plan for the whole day after the school uniform activity.


1. The name of the activity in Klook is Ehwa Korean School Uniform Rental Experience

2. Rate is Php 787 (from Php 829) for 1 day rental. They also offer rentals for 2 days (Php 995) and 3 days (Php 1202).

3. Ehwa School Uniform is near Lotte World, Seokchon Lake, and Jamsil Hangang Park. You can shoot your school girl pictures in these locations, or just stay in their classroom studio.

Here's how the lobby area looks like. I love the interiors of this rental space, very clean, bright pastels, and youthful!

4. You have to submit your passport and a KRW 5000 deposit for the rental, to be handed back when you return the clothes and accessories. 

5. They also have an open shelf or "locker" where you can leave your bag, clothes, etc.

Now let's head in the Uniform Room!

6. Fortunately, Ehwa School Uniform is very size friendly. They have clothes from XS to XXL.

7. You will need to pay extra for the following: Inner top, underpants, blazer, stockings, over knee socks, selfie sticks, tripods, etc. 

Again, shoes are not available so wear something that will look good with the outfit (or just crop your feet from your shots).

8. Just like my vintage outfit rental experience, you can try on 2 sets of uniforms, but can only go out and take pics with one set.

I asked help from the lady at the Uniform Room for XL pieces, and she handed me a white polo, black vest, and plaid skirt. She also helped me find a matching blazer (separate rental fee). 

Hindi ko style talaga to and was freaking out inside, haha! But I think the blazer neutralized the girly vibe of this type of uniform!

Btw, I was decided na with the black ensemble, but I also saw this pink Produce 48 uniform. Brought it with me at the fitting room for my Option B perks.

They also have backpacks for rent, but since I was already carrying my Anello for this trip, pass nalang so I don't have to pay extra pa. 

Selection of neckties, bows, and cute headbands, all included in the fee. 

The cute vanity area where you can retouch your hair and makeup. They have hair tools that you can use for free.

After everything, it's time to take pictures! Again, just like the vintage rental, I just maximized their studio so I don't have to go out na. 

Ehwa School Uniform has this cute purple and pink classroom set-up for their studio! Wala ding tao while I was there (everyone na kasabayan ko sa fitting went out for their shoot) so yey!

Renting a blazer was a good idea, parang I have two outfits na! I also used all the props available in the room like the children's books and the Produce 48 light stick.

How I took these pictures? I just propped my phone tripod on one of the desks, and took self-timer shots. ❤


Nung sawa na ako sa classroom, I also took advantage of the fitting room! They have 3 fitting cubicles with different color themes, ang cute!

I also took pictures inside the vanity section:

My School Life Trivia:

1. I studied in an all-girls high school from prep to high school.

2. In college, I took up AB Journalism at the University of Santo Tomas. I started blogging during those years coz all I did was write write write.

3. I wore school uniform from preschool to college. I was not a fan then, but now I realized that it was convenient not to think of what to wear to school everyday.

4. My org when I was in grade school til high school was Art Club. In my 4th year, I became the Art Club president.

5. These are the 3 schools and courses that I passed for my college entrance exam: Ateneo De Manila (Interdisciplinary Studies), UP Los BaƱos (Mass Communication), and UST (Journalism). 

I was an average student, and I'm glad my parents have always been supportive and never the pressure cooker type. 

I also got involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities like theater, TV prod, and even yoga, plus other out-of-school stuff like writing for Candy Magazine, sell my handmade accessories, etcetera. 

I was also very ma-barkada, had lots of circle of friends from high school, Candy, college, orgs, etc. I had a lot of fun during my youth! ❤

Even though I was doubtful at first, it's actually nice to look at these pictures of me wearing a high school uniform once again! It brought back lots of memories of my school life, and it also makes me wonder what if I studied in Seoul??

B1 floor 36-27, 40 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Jamsil Station Exit 4
Open daily from 9:00am-10:30pm

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