KPop Dance Class in Seoul (For Beginners)

Thursday, April 30, 2020

I almost backed out from my 1-Day K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul! I was so nervous as the day of my schedule was nearing. I was already planning to just drop it, but I already paid Php 1950 for the fee!

On the day of the Kpop dance workshop, I made sure I have nothing else to do in the morning. I went out a little early so I can still eat, and not be late for the class. I was half wishing I'll get lost looking for the studio lol, but it was so easy to locate! By following the directions they sent to us, I was in Fanxy Studio around 10 minutes before our class.

Participants came in the class in groups and solo (like me). Sunny, Fanxy studio's host, welcomed us with water bottles, and asked us to register on a laptop. I met new friends from all over the world, young and old. Most of the guests are tourists like me. I was grouped with a couple from France, and a mom from Hong Kong.

The room is very spacious, has dedicated shelves for all our things, and a wide dance floor with floor to ceiling mirror in front. The rest are glass walls overlooking the streets outside, so yep people can see us while dancing if they look up the second floor. 😅


1. Klook rate is Php 1950 (from Php 2075) for the 3-hour class.

This includes a warm-up, step-by-step dance instructions, repetition of all the steps, group practice, and culminating activity where they will record us dancing by group (video to be emailed in a week).

2. KPop dance routines differ everyday. They list the schedule on their page in Klook around a week prior.

Some of the dance routines taught last February and March: Hip by Mamamoo, Dance The Night Away by Twice, Boy with Luv by BTS, Kill This Love by Blackpink, Dalla Dall by ITZY, Feel Special by Twice, On by BTS.

They choose the music according to popularity, date of release, and degree of difficulty (must be easy for beginners to learn).

3. Age requirement to join the class is 10 years old and above. Rate is same for adults and children.

4. A class should have at least 1 student, and maximum of 20 participants.

5. Teacher is a professional dancer and can communicate in English. The dance is a bit difficult for me, but through her patience and teaching method, I was able to pick-up at least 70% of the steps, and then decently dance for our vid.


1. Make sure to bring extra clothes. I was there during winter time, but that doesn't mean you'll not sweat after dancing!

2. They will provide 1 water bottle for each participant. If you think this is not enough, then make sure to bring more.

3. Check the scheduled dance online before enrolling. I paid for my slot a month prior my trip so they have no list of schedule yet, and just saw which song I got for the date I enrolled about a week before the class. Would have wanted to dance to Kill This Love or something easier or more familiar pa! I got a hard one instead-- Hip by Mamamoo! It was fun though!

4. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes! I wore a pull-over, jogging pants, sneakers, and cap.

5. Lastly, remember na walang makakakita sayo after this! And you're not aiming to be a Kpop star after this! As the lady from Hong Kong said to me, "I am here for fun!"

Do not be intimidated, almost everyone in class are beginners. Enjoy, just do it, take your personal photos and videos for memories! (So sorry, no videos for this post haha!)

If given the chance I actually might enrol again! ❤ It's a nice alternative activity when in Seoul.

Aside from the music video, they also gave us an Instax print of our class picture after our session! I love that they have souvenirs of our experience.

Join a K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul (For Beginners)

Class Schedule:
Weekdays: 7:30pm to 10pm
Saturdays: 1:30pm to 4pm
Sundays and Korean holidays: 11:30am to 2pm, 2:30pm to 5pm

How To Go:
502-10 Changcheon-dong. Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Sinchon Station Exit 1, walk straight for 5-7minutes.

*EDIT (Feb 2023)

This listing is currently unavailable in Klook. Searched for other options and recommendations in case you're looking to join a dance workshop while in Seoul:

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