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Thursday, August 27, 2020

A twist for last week's Q&A Monday: A little giveaway to the question I enjoyed answering! Made customized Hobi / Jhope Inspired Bracelet to the winner on-the-spot.

Also took the opportunity to promote my baby Youtube channel! You can watch my BT21 TATA Collection and unboxing here.

Q: What BTS song can brighten your day?

A: Madami! But if I have to choose Top 3 for today (bukas baka iba uli haha):

1. Love Myself

2. Moon

3. Euphoria

Q: Hello Ate Ana. Since every Monday ang Q&A, what are your thoughts po when you are answering questions.

A: I super love it! Minsan naddyahe ako na baka wala na mag tanong hahaha! But every week meron naman kahit papano kaya masaya ako kahit Monday, thank you! :) Ganda ng start ng week ko.

Told my blog friends to try to do this Q&A thing din kahit hindi Monday, nafeel ko na I get to know people more behind the likes and follows through this Q&A. What interests you, what concerns you, what's your story, what makes you happy!

Q: How are you dealing with anxiety? What's your advice to those struggling with anxiety? 💜

A: Blogged about this (click here)! Alam nyo nakikinig talaga ako sanyo hahaha took to heart the pieces of advice I got the last time. 

My Top 3:

1. Do fun things. I love creating random crafts. Maganda rin syang distraction pag may new project ka.

2. Laughter is still the best medicine. Run BTS is key! :)

3. Remember to breathe.

Q: Hi beans!!:) Other fave kpop groups / singers aside from ASTRO and BTS!

A: Hindi ako ma post and mas boy groups ata ako. But sobrang feel good ko din ang TWICE songs hahahahaha my workout playlist (before) mostly TWICE wooot!

I also love Winner, Day 6, N Flying, di pa gano kadami alam kong songs but gusto ko yun tunog nila, and IU and GD.. Madami pa! But di lang sobrang dami alam ko na songs nila compared to BTS and ASTRO.

Q: What is your favorite activity aside from doing Korean stuff? (vlogging, online class, traveling)

A: Kapag hindi Korea related, mahilig din ako:

1. Mag attend ng one day workshops hahaha. Notorious ako mag aral ng kung ano ano coz I've overcome na yung feeling I have to be good agad agad or kakahiya magkamali. So I just join random classes not only to learn, but also to enjoy and go out of the box (to scare myself, haha).

2. I also love watching movies sa cinema alone. Thing ko talaga yan ever since. Miss ko na me-time ko! Huhu!

3. Watch sports events ng live << Eto miss ko na to! Mahilig ako mag fan girl talaga haha.

4. Taking photos - ever since may collection nako ng toy or film cams with my Ate.

5. Watching Youtube vids << Sobrang fan girl din ako ng maraming Youtubers!

Break from answering questions, made the first part of the bracelet for whoever will win the giveaway!

Q: I am struggling to find a hobby na hindi costly. Can you recommend anything?

A: A daming affordable hobbies, or even free! Try:

1. Digital Art. App lang kailangan mo to start it (Sketch, Adobe Draw, Etc)

2. Fake Film Photog. Try "Film" App Gudak. Kalimutan ko na magkano pero walang Php 500 yun! :)

3. Beads beads! Ang mura lang ng materials sa Shopee. Search mo yung stores based lang dito sa Quiapo, may shop na sila dun. :)

Q: Hi unnie! There are many talented Kpop groups, but what made you stan BTS and ASTRO?

A: Given na yun music and talent for all Kpop groups, but feel ko similar sa ASTRO and BTS (for me) is sobang hilarious nila panoorin! 😂😅 BTS alam na ng madami yung humor nila. But I think kelangan din malaman ng madami na na love at first laugh ako sa gulo ng ASTRO hahahahaha.

Feeling ko magugustuhan ko rin yung other groups if mas maexpose pa ako sa kanila (aside sa music nila) yung mga behind-the-scenes vids talaga ako nadadala hehehe baka pag na expose din ako sa ibang groups, istan ko din sila kaya di ko cinclose itong multi-fandom heart ko hehehehe :)

Q: How do you stay organized with your things specially with your crafting stuff?

A: Hindi din ako OC talaga hahaha ngayon nalang siguro. 

May nakuha akong tip online na share ko nadin.. Tintry ko sundan ngayon... Set your phone 10 minutes daily to just clean!

Ginagawa ko sya after lunch, para bumaba din ang kinain hehe. And dahil alam kong quick lang, di rin ako tatamarin. :)

Q: What year ka po nahilig sa Kpop?

A: Honestly di ako makeep track, but since I get this question several times nadin, I had to look back nadin sa posts ko. :)

2016 ako nahilig sa Kdrama :) That time playlist ko naging lahat ng Kdrama OST na nagustuhan ko :) Intro ko to Kpop are Kdrama OSTs hehehe.

2016 first time ko din nag solo trip, autumn in Korea. Nag punta ako sa Love in the Moonlight location (1st ko na Kdrama tour!), first time ko din naka panood ng Hongdae street performers. Siguro yun ang intro ko to Kpop na outside Kdrama (osts). They performed B1A4 and GD songs.

Q: Have you ever wonder what's your purpose in life?

A: All the time! I think ever since high school natatanong ko na yan sa sarili ko. 😄

Feeling ko lang, my ultimate purpose right now based on my ikigai is to make people feel that they can do it too (to empower through examples).

Lagi ko nababasa yung "Sana all", pero sa isip isip ko sana may naiinspire ako na kung ako nga kinaya ko or kinakaya ko, paano pa kayo. :) As a fan girl, I'm also rooting for YOU!

Congrats to my giveaway winner, and a big thank you to everyone who joins me on my Q&A Mondays!


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Sanitizing Your Packages from the Mail

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A few weeks ago, there's a new scare for possible Covid source in our household. It comes in the form of packages from the mail.

After hearing news from celebs who got the virus even when they did not go out at all, we realized that we have to be extra careful again with al the things that we receive from the outside world. 

We became a bit lenient after a few months, but we're back again with extra precautions. Better be paranoid now than regretful later.

After posting about my concerns on stuff I get from the mail, I received several tips from my Instagram friends. 

Here are some of their pieces of advice when it comes to disinfecting mails. If you have more, please do share them in the comment box below! Might come in handy for everyone reading this, thank you in advance!

1. I am not comfortable with using just UV wands. The OC in me will spray my packages with Lysol, leave it outside for a few hours, then wipe it with alcohol after.

2. For food, I transfer them on a different container, then reheat.

3. Alcohol and Lysol are okay as disinfectants. Lysol also contains ethanol, which is the same in alcohol brands like Green Cross. I suggest using 70% alcohol instead of 40%. You can also try other brands like Solbac Disinfectant Spray. They smell nice. They contain the same active ingredient which is ethanol.

This is the recommended Lysol variant that kills colds and flu virus:

4. For vitamins, please do not forget to check if they include Vitamin D, C, and Zinc. Some sun helps boost the immune system, best if early morning sun or afternoon sun so it won't hurt your skin. If you have darker skin tone, you can stay a little longer to help our skin absorb more Vitamin D.

5. I also use wet wipes with alcohol for plastic parsel, and Lysol for hard stuff. I use Sanicare Bamboo coz it smells good! 

6. Lysol can also be harmful when you breathe it in since it's mist type. It has chemicals that are bad for your lungs. Spray it close to a cloth so the mist won't suspend on air, then just wipe on your package.

An alternative to Lysol is to dilute Zonrox in water, then put your mixture in a spray bottle. 

7. If it's possible, it's still best to wash products under running water.

8. If not necessary (except for food), I let the package air out for a couple of days after sanitizing.

9. I also use a diffuser to kill virus in the air. I mix citronella and eucalyptus essential oils.

10. I use UV Care Pocket Sterilizer for electronics and money. Since it's not advisable to use alcohol on gadgets. I also made my own DIY box

Thank you again for sending your different methods in cleaning packages from the mail!

You can follow all sorts of disinfecting tips all you want, but remember the basics:
- Do not touch your face in between handling things from the outside. Sometimes it's still best to wear your face shield in case you forget! 
- Thoroughly wash your hands and arms with antibacterial soap and running water after disinfecting.
- Wear mask if it's possible, especially when you spray Lysol.

Take care and stay healthy!

Anagon Mail 006

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Q: Ms. Ana can I ask po for recommendations sa online shop na binibilan nyo po nung beads for DIY?

A: These are the beads I used before! Will vlog about this soon a DIY day pls expect it! Thank you!

Q: What Korean lesson are you studying now?

A: Currently on my 4th week for this course naman in Coursera. I finished the First Step Korean almost a month ago, tapos sinundan ko agad with this. (Beginner Course - Learn To Speak Korean 1)

Q: How not to feel bad when you don't accomplish the things you need to do?

A: Will speak from the heart, I still feel bad whenever I fail to accomplish what I need to accomplish. 😅

So here are things that I will do when faced in that situation:

1. I will pull-off an all nighter to finish it. Bahala na walang tulog.
2. If I can't do this, I will apologize agad agad to anyone na maaabala ko for not accomplishing the task on time.
3. I will set a new deadline and make sure to DO IT this time.

Q: Have you encountered hates online? How did you manage it?

A: Yes of course! I guess di maiiwasan yan when you post public stuff, and won't pretend na di ako affected, ang shaket shaket kaya hahaha.

Hindi ako ever naging confrontational so I either:

1. Reply politely coz I reply to all, but tipong sana magising sya sa sinabi nya lol.
2. I delete the comment and pretend di ko nabasa charot not charot lol
3. Eto given nato, I bring it up sa close friend or friends ko. Sinusumbong ko talaga HAHA. Alam nyo nakaka feel good talaga when your close friends will defend you kahit sa groups nyo lang, hindi kailangan patulan publicly. Mailabas ko lang sama ng loob ko.

And friends will build you up with good words about you na muntik mo na malimutan (because of one hate statement). Marerealize mo na these are the true people who know the real you. :) 

Q: When did you start being a blogger / vlogger?

A: 2004 or 2005! :) Blogged more about this recently, CLICK HERE if you want to read, thank you!

Q: Can you share more of this 21 Days of Abundance Challenge? 

A: Yey, I really want to talk more about this but not sure if people are interested!

Basically, I receive prompts everyday that moment I wake up via a Telegram group, tapos may simple task I need to follow. Usually written stuff lang. And then there's a meditation guide I have to listen to.

Everything for about 10-15 minutes lang everyday. You can actually do it anytime of the day, but ang sarap lang gumising na affirming words ang una mong mariringing.

You think I should blog about this? Will you follow / do it if ever?

Q: What do you think of VMin's friendship?

A: Sharing 4 frames as my answer to this! :) 

(V's letter to Jimin in Bon Voyage, V crying after a concert because of mistakes on stage while Jimin comforted him, Jimin running to V when he cried during a Bon Voyage episode, Jimin encouraging V to try busking / singing in the streets during a Bon Voyage episode--saying he's just there to watch his friend enjoy and perform)

Q: One the pandemic is over, which country or where do you intend to go to?

A: Answered Korea before coz may naka book na kami talaga ni @artsyava for summer 2021, but may nadagdag akong travel goal! A camper van trip! ❤

Q: Do you think it'll be safe to travel by 2021?

A: Naka attend ako ng Cebpac online press event few weeks back and inask din sila ng isang newspaper writer ng same question, here's what they replied na napabilib naman talaga ako sa honesty nila:

I...I really don't know.

Imbis ikut ikutin pa, wala talaga sagot dito. I guess wala talagang makakaalam kung kelan ba magkaka vaccine or cure, and kelan ba to aabot ng Pilipinas if ever magkaroon man na.. Ibang issue nanaman yan.

We can only hope and pray by some miracle baka bukas na bukas din biglang maging ok na lahat. Well kung Cebpac walang sagot ako din mismo wala pang sagot. 😅🙏

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Buy Affordable High Quality Rings Online

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Kpop idols made me want to invest in more everyday-use jewelries. 

They always mix and match their bracelets, necklaces, and earrings so effortlessly! And even the men idols look so cool in their stacked rings.

I am particularly fond of Kim Taehyung's thin rings. Very simple but statement pieces! I recently got one from an instagram jewellery brand in the Philippines

I am currently wearing it as I am typing this, haha!

If you're looking for affordable jewellery brand in the Philippines, check out They offer products that are both affordable and high-quality, including 925 sterling silver with swarovski crystals and Titanium jewellery for everyday use. 

Sharing my favorites from their site:




They also have affordable wedding and engagement rings with gemstones or Swarovski crystals. Most items are on sale now at below Php 5000!

For your peace of mind, ZOEY even offers LIFETIME replacement, if you have issues with your jewellery within the first three months, they will replace it for free. After that, you only pay for the shipping and handling fee of P800 pesos. 

Now what ring to get next? 😊❤

Visit for more info.

Dealing with Anxieties

Monday, August 10, 2020

its okay not to be okay
Illustration from Kdrama "It's Okay Not To Be Okay"

Last Monday, I opened up about my anxieties.

I often think it's a topic that I won't ever talk about again, because before I felt that doing so will only cause negativity to others and I don't want to be that person. You see, years back, I usually just write whatever I felt on my past blogs. I had a phase where I wrote sad things everyday because this blog was my sole outlet. And then one day somebody commented that she doesn't want to read my blog anymore because it's always sad. I was on a quarter life crisis, and it was a time when mental health wasn't as talked about as now.

Anyway, I think I have reached a point of self-control where I am not as all-over the place even when I am not okay, but I can still share personal things online from time to time. And thank God, people are raising mental health issues more now that I won't be accused of just being negative. 

So last Monday, I shared that I woke up with physical pains on my chest, as if I can't breathe. In my heart I know that it's another anxiety attack, it happened the day after the MECQ was announced.

This time, I received messages of comfort. I have around 43% frontliner friends on my Instagram, so I also received professional pieces of advice. 

Sharing some of them here:

1) Fear Paralysis Reflex Exercise

2) Pranayama 

3) Grounding

4) Headspace App

5) Slow Deep Breaths + Meditation

6) Do fun stuff - Origami, painting, etc.

What I did:

1. Immediate action: breathe in, breathe out (try this guide)
2. Did fun things throughout the day: Did my usual Korean language class, didn't pressure myself
3. Easy workouts in the afternoon - low intensity, just to moderate my breathing
4. Talked about it to my fam, even for a  day I stopped exposing myself to things that will affect me or give me intense emotions
5. At night: Comforting music, back to watching KDrama (It's Okay Not To Be Okay), and list 5 things I am grateful for the day.