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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Q: Ms. Ana can I ask po for recommendations sa online shop na binibilan nyo po nung beads for DIY?

A: These are the beads I used before! Will vlog about this soon a DIY day pls expect it! Thank you!

Q: What Korean lesson are you studying now?

A: Currently on my 4th week for this course naman in Coursera. I finished the First Step Korean almost a month ago, tapos sinundan ko agad with this. (Beginner Course - Learn To Speak Korean 1)

Q: How not to feel bad when you don't accomplish the things you need to do?

A: Will speak from the heart, I still feel bad whenever I fail to accomplish what I need to accomplish. 😅

So here are things that I will do when faced in that situation:

1. I will pull-off an all nighter to finish it. Bahala na walang tulog.
2. If I can't do this, I will apologize agad agad to anyone na maaabala ko for not accomplishing the task on time.
3. I will set a new deadline and make sure to DO IT this time.

Q: Have you encountered hates online? How did you manage it?

A: Yes of course! I guess di maiiwasan yan when you post public stuff, and won't pretend na di ako affected, ang shaket shaket kaya hahaha.

Hindi ako ever naging confrontational so I either:

1. Reply politely coz I reply to all, but tipong sana magising sya sa sinabi nya lol.
2. I delete the comment and pretend di ko nabasa charot not charot lol
3. Eto given nato, I bring it up sa close friend or friends ko. Sinusumbong ko talaga HAHA. Alam nyo nakaka feel good talaga when your close friends will defend you kahit sa groups nyo lang, hindi kailangan patulan publicly. Mailabas ko lang sama ng loob ko.

And friends will build you up with good words about you na muntik mo na malimutan (because of one hate statement). Marerealize mo na these are the true people who know the real you. :) 

Q: When did you start being a blogger / vlogger?

A: 2004 or 2005! :) Blogged more about this recently, CLICK HERE if you want to read, thank you!

Q: Can you share more of this 21 Days of Abundance Challenge? 

A: Yey, I really want to talk more about this but not sure if people are interested!

Basically, I receive prompts everyday that moment I wake up via a Telegram group, tapos may simple task I need to follow. Usually written stuff lang. And then there's a meditation guide I have to listen to.

Everything for about 10-15 minutes lang everyday. You can actually do it anytime of the day, but ang sarap lang gumising na affirming words ang una mong mariringing.

You think I should blog about this? Will you follow / do it if ever?

Q: What do you think of VMin's friendship?

A: Sharing 4 frames as my answer to this! :) 

(V's letter to Jimin in Bon Voyage, V crying after a concert because of mistakes on stage while Jimin comforted him, Jimin running to V when he cried during a Bon Voyage episode, Jimin encouraging V to try busking / singing in the streets during a Bon Voyage episode--saying he's just there to watch his friend enjoy and perform)

Q: One the pandemic is over, which country or where do you intend to go to?

A: Answered Korea before coz may naka book na kami talaga ni @artsyava for summer 2021, but may nadagdag akong travel goal! A camper van trip! ❤

Q: Do you think it'll be safe to travel by 2021?

A: Naka attend ako ng Cebpac online press event few weeks back and inask din sila ng isang newspaper writer ng same question, here's what they replied na napabilib naman talaga ako sa honesty nila:

I...I really don't know.

Imbis ikut ikutin pa, wala talaga sagot dito. I guess wala talagang makakaalam kung kelan ba magkaka vaccine or cure, and kelan ba to aabot ng Pilipinas if ever magkaroon man na.. Ibang issue nanaman yan.

We can only hope and pray by some miracle baka bukas na bukas din biglang maging ok na lahat. Well kung Cebpac walang sagot ako din mismo wala pang sagot. 😅🙏

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