Sanitizing Your Packages from the Mail

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A few weeks ago, there's a new scare for possible Covid source in our household. It comes in the form of packages from the mail.

After hearing news from celebs who got the virus even when they did not go out at all, we realized that we have to be extra careful again with al the things that we receive from the outside world. 

We became a bit lenient after a few months, but we're back again with extra precautions. Better be paranoid now than regretful later.

After posting about my concerns on stuff I get from the mail, I received several tips from my Instagram friends. 

Here are some of their pieces of advice when it comes to disinfecting mails. If you have more, please do share them in the comment box below! Might come in handy for everyone reading this, thank you in advance!

1. I am not comfortable with using just UV wands. The OC in me will spray my packages with Lysol, leave it outside for a few hours, then wipe it with alcohol after.

2. For food, I transfer them on a different container, then reheat.

3. Alcohol and Lysol are okay as disinfectants. Lysol also contains ethanol, which is the same in alcohol brands like Green Cross. I suggest using 70% alcohol instead of 40%. You can also try other brands like Solbac Disinfectant Spray. They smell nice. They contain the same active ingredient which is ethanol.

This is the recommended Lysol variant that kills colds and flu virus:

4. For vitamins, please do not forget to check if they include Vitamin D, C, and Zinc. Some sun helps boost the immune system, best if early morning sun or afternoon sun so it won't hurt your skin. If you have darker skin tone, you can stay a little longer to help our skin absorb more Vitamin D.

5. I also use wet wipes with alcohol for plastic parsel, and Lysol for hard stuff. I use Sanicare Bamboo coz it smells good! 

6. Lysol can also be harmful when you breathe it in since it's mist type. It has chemicals that are bad for your lungs. Spray it close to a cloth so the mist won't suspend on air, then just wipe on your package.

An alternative to Lysol is to dilute Zonrox in water, then put your mixture in a spray bottle. 

7. If it's possible, it's still best to wash products under running water.

8. If not necessary (except for food), I let the package air out for a couple of days after sanitizing.

9. I also use a diffuser to kill virus in the air. I mix citronella and eucalyptus essential oils.

10. I use UV Care Pocket Sterilizer for electronics and money. Since it's not advisable to use alcohol on gadgets. I also made my own DIY box

Thank you again for sending your different methods in cleaning packages from the mail!

You can follow all sorts of disinfecting tips all you want, but remember the basics:
- Do not touch your face in between handling things from the outside. Sometimes it's still best to wear your face shield in case you forget! 
- Thoroughly wash your hands and arms with antibacterial soap and running water after disinfecting.
- Wear mask if it's possible, especially when you spray Lysol.

Take care and stay healthy!

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