Avida Land Celebrates 30th Anniversary By Giving Back

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Avida Land marks its 30th year in the real estate industry by giving back. 

To celebrate this important milestone amid unprecedented times, the company viewed this as an opportunity to enrich more lives through purpose-driven collaborations with local livelihood brands.

In keeping with Ayala Corporation’s crusade to uplift Filipinos’ lives, Avida has chosen to “celebrate life”, as its very name denotes, for a cause.

Avida Land is on its 3rd decade of making dream homes a reality for middle-income Filipinos. Fuelled by gratitude for its growing 49,863 live communities,  the developer continues to champion lifestyle choices that inspire its communities and promote socially responsible everyday living. 

To kick-off its 30th anniversary, Avida Land is supporting homegrown brands Rags2Riches and Messy Bessy, social enterprises that empower dignified local artisans and at-risk youth, respectively. 


The partnership with Rags2Riches follows its previous collaboration, Homegrown Life + Style, a collection of eco-ethical artisanal crafts highlighting the rich Filipino culture. 

For this year, Avida once again teamed up Rags2Riches and their community artisans for an exclusive line of merchandise called the Safe & Sound Care Set

The carefully curated items include a face mask with filters and a hand sanitizer, packaged in a personalized pouch. Multi-purpose organizers were also crafted especially for Avida, made of natural materials and indigenous textiles.

“Each set is intentionally designed to enrich the homes that they will be part of while empowering the people who made them,” says Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, President and Founding Partner of Rags2Riches. 

“Partnering with a company like Avida, especially during this challenging time, is encouraging and inspiring but on top of that, it is creating an actual positive impact on the lives of our community artisans.”

Messy Bessy

Avida has also partnered with Messy Bessy and its at-risk youth beneficiaries in the past, having tapped the brand for all-natural home products which served as welcome gifts to its homeowners.

For their 30th anniversary, Avida partnered once more with Messy Bessy in support of its mission to assure 30 scholars a college education through the 30 Years, 30 Scholars campaign. 

With each special set of organic and non-toxic home cleaning essentials handed to every new Avida homeowner, comes new hope for 30 at-risk youth who have chosen to go back to school.

“Our goal is for all 30 of our scholars to finish the program armed with the first college degree in their family lifting the entire family out of poverty permanently,” says Krie Reyes-Lopez, Founder and CEO of Messy Bessy. 

“Beyond the 30 scholars, Avida’s support will also spread our advocacy to their community who we know share in our aspirations for a healthier planet and a better future for everyone. Avida's openness and generosity to support a small company like ours is truly inspiring us to continue our work providing greener, safer homes for more Filipino families, and brighter opportunities for our marginalized youth.”

Sustainability: For the Environment and Communities

Rags2Riches and Messy Bessy promote sustainability not only with the materials that they use, but with their relationship with the communities that they support, in the same way that Avida has always developed sustainable communities and maintained a simple and seamless customer experience for its residents.

“Celebrating life with gratitude and hope is more meaningful when we extend this hope to more Filipinos,” says Tess Tatco, Avida Land Marketing Head. 

“For us at Avida, there is no better way to express our immense gratitude for 30 eventful years in the industry than by partnering with local life and livelihood businesses driven by causes that are likewise close to our heart.”  

Webcasts Schedule

Complementing its 30th anniversary efforts, Avida is gearing up for even more ways of enriching lives which include a series of informative webcasts aimed at empowering Filipinos to live their aspirations. 

On October 17, learn first-hand from industry expert Rex Mendoza of Rampver Financials on how you can make your dream home yours in these changing times. In the process, take inspiration from the thoughtfully designed new normal living spaces, in collaboration with Gussy Design, set to be unveiled during the launch of Avida’s 360 Designer Showroom on October 24.

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Ohmyhome: Buy, Sell, and Rent Properties Through this Safe and Efficient App!

Monday, October 05, 2020

I always find real estate intimidating and tedious. It feels risky and time consuming too, but here comes Ohmyhome

Filipinos can finally have safe and efficient housing transactions with Singapore’s leading proptech platform Ohmyhome! This innovative app will change the way people buy, sell, and rent their properties. 

Launched in 2016 as Singapore’s first one-stop online property platform, Ohmyhome was projected to make housing transactions simple, fast, and affordable for everyone as it addressed perennial inefficiencies in the island nation’s real estate industry. 

"We learned that the average time it took to buy or sell property in Singapore ranged from 3 to 7 months, a tedious transaction journey that caused tremendous stress for homeowners," said Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Rhonda Wong. "We wanted to streamline the entire housing transaction by providing accurate information so that our customers can make informed decisions when buying, selling, or renting their homes."

Ohmyhome app has a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option that will give Philippine customers a chance to simplify their home transaction process. They can browse genuine listings that are free of dummy or duplicate accounts, saving them time in searching for the right property. They can enjoy savings because the DIY platform comes absolutely free—from listing all the way to deal closing.

Meanwhile, if you will need expert help, or just to save time, customers can also avail Ohmyhome's full-time in-house property agents at cost-friendly price.

"The company’s proprietary technology will handle approximately 90% of the agents’ work such as sourcing for new leads, matching of suitable buyers to sellers, scheduling and advertising. This frees up the agents to focus on the most crucial element of the job—our customers," said Rhonda. 

This arrangement has been proven effective in Singapore, where Ohmyhome agents perform at the rate of the top 0.1% of agents, a level of competence they intend to bring to the Philippine property market.

"Proptech is perfect for today’s challenging times, offering value for money as it empowers customers to work out the best possible deals in the Philippine property market," said Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Race Wong.

Attended the Ohmyhome online media event last week to learn more about this game-changer real estate app.

Downloaded the Ohmyhome app, and explored it a bit. It is very user-friendly, and easy to navigate! The basic sections in the app are the condo listings, home listings, rooms listings, and a tab to post your properties.

Ohmyhome is committed to bring in their seamless end-to-end housing transaction from Singapore, Malaysia, and now to the Philippine market. And with the global pandemic, prospective Filipino homeowners and property sellers can access Ohmyhome easily even at home. 

Download Ohmyhome app, available for both iOS and Android.

For more information, visit

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