What's Inside ASTRO's Be Mine MD + Photobook (2021 Online Fanmeet Merch)

Friday, April 30, 2021

I attended the 2021 ASTRO AROHA Festival (AAF) BE MINE last March 28, 2021. It's my second ASTRO online event to date. At first, I was so confused on which ticket type to purchase, but ended up availing both their MD and the member perk which is a free photo book. I bought the ticket via Yes24's website, where they have a Paypal payment option aside from credit card. 

For future reference, here's a breakdown of my expenses:

Subtotal $64.22 USD 
Shipping and handling $28.30 USD 
Total $92.52 USD 
Converted From: P4,672.74 PHP

Total is almost Php 5000, but already included the shipping fee from Korea to Manila (straight to my doorsteps). It also included the access to ASTRO's online fan meeting. I really enjoyed the show, had lots of laughs which is typical during ASTRO stage segments! Benta talaga sakin, para mo kasi silang barkada kapag mag hihiritan! Yun palang I think I got my money's worth na! They even performed two new songs from their All Yours album, which was unreleased pa at that time! (MJ's 별비Gemini and Jinjin's All Good)

The theme of the fan gathering is "a date with AROHAS", so there's a segment where they dressed up for it (due to different styles, may mga sobrang formal and meron din naman sobrang casual!). They also came up with their ideal date scenarios with AROHAS. It was fun, kilig, plus you also get to know the romantic side of each ASTRO member! 

ASTRO's OT6: MJ, Rocky, Cha Eunwoo, Sanha, Moonbin, and JINJIN!

Anyway, a month has passed since the online fan gathering, and I finally received the free photo book and the MD last April 28! Didn't expect the package to arrive soon, considering that it came straight from Korea. I guess the expensive shipping fee was worth it! 

Sharing snaps and a video of my unboxing. 

This is my first KINHO KiT Album, and the technology is super coool! I've seen past ASTRO albums in this format, and have always been curious how it works.

The instruction sheet is direct to the point and easy to understand. You will just need download and follow directions shown on the app. 

There are video clips of the fan meeting, behind the scene photos, and a playlist of songs performed during the AAF. I have yet to explore all its content, so will update this when there's more to share! 

Here's a peek of the ASTRO AROHA FESTIVAL Be Mine photo book:

I've said it so many times already, but I am in love with the whole date concept! Hihi. The boys all look so fine in pink!

Please save the cake from MJ! Haha!

Have you watched the behind-the-scene vid of Binnie's kiss marks? Haha!

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky! Will always be proud of this guy's moments during their recent comeback for ONE. From the 60 syllables in 8 seconds rap for One, to being the chosen bias during their UAE Virtual Fan Meeting, and of course, when the world was floored over our Rocky's first Ending Fairy since debut! He could have done aegyo or swag poses, but instead, learned and used the sign language to communicate the words "Thank you, I love you!". He deserves every recognition! Huhu!

With another fun (online) fanmeet, beautiful merch, and a successful comeback, I am once again a satisfied AROHA. Thank you ASTRO! 

Watch my unboxing here:

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