BTS Fan-Made Merch Haul (Filipino Artists)

Friday, April 23, 2021

October last year, I suddenly got into BTS fan-made merch, especially ones made by Filipino ARMYs. You'll find dozens of these beautiful creations on Instagram--and most of them have Shopee accounts! 

Most of these local BTS fan-made stickers and postcards went to a room in my wall, and also on my luggage. They add a personal touch to my things, showing the world that I am a BTS fan from the Philippines without spending too much on official merch. When budget permits, I would just LOVE to add more to this growing collection. 

Sharing part 1 of last year's haul. As they say, when you support small businesses, someone out there does a little happy dance. ❤


4-5. BTS Dynamite Post Cards 1 | 2 - Php 129

9. BT21 Fan Made Tint in TATA - Php 35

10. Boy with Luv Fan Made Tint in Taehyung - Php 35  

13. Taehyung-core Post Card (Unlisted)

Watch unboxing here:

Feel free to share your favorite ARMY artists below!

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