How To Use Your Cebu Pacific "Travel Fund" To Purchase Your CEB Super Pass

Friday, May 07, 2021

It has been a while since I visited the Cebu Pacific website, and I just miss the thrill of booking for a ticket! Yung nakikipag unahan ka kapag Piso Sale, habang ka-group chat ang friends "Anona! Wag drawing!" Haha!

Recently, I attended the launch of Cebu Pacific's CEB Super Pass, and got so excited to semi-plan my travels again!

It might take a while for things to get back to normal, but this offer is too hard to pass up. 

The claim: Buy all you can, fly when you can with the CEB Super Pass. For just PHP 99, you can fly one-way to ANY local destination that Cebu Pacific offers. 

The CEB Super Pass is available via their website from May 5 to May 12, 2021 only. It's like your blank ticket to anywhere you plan to fly to in the next months (from May 12, 2021 to May 31, 2022). You don't have to input a specific date or destination when you purchase the vouchers now.

I tried to book 2 CEB Super Pass vouchers to check the total price of a round-trip domestic ticket, and used my Travel Funds from my cancelled 2020 flight to Hanoi. 

I think the card or Paypal option is easier to figure out, but I can't seem to push transactions with my Travel Fund as it requires me to log-in my Cebu Pacific account. And every time I try to, it automatically logs out when I am on the CEB Super Pass page. 

After several attempts, sharing how I was able to use my Travel Fund to purchase my CEB Super Pass:

1) Open TWO tabs on your browser

1st Tab: Enter your information for the travel voucher:

2nd Tab: Open the log in page of Cebu Pacific:

2) Log-in

After entering your info on the travel vouchers on the first tab, go to 2nd tab first and log-in.

3) Proceed Payment

When logged in on the second tab, go back to your first tab and click Proceed Payment. 

Did it work? Page should reflect your Travel Fund Balance:

Not literally Php 99 for one-way ticket, the total for a roundtrip ticket to a local destination is Php 781.76 inclusive of taxes. My latest attempt in booking for a Boracay trip last March, the roundtrip airfare is about Php 5000!

My current Super Pass, waiting to be redeemed:

You can add your baggage allowance and other add-ons when you redeem your vouchers. 

Redeeming your CEB Super Pass can be done via the “Redeem CEB Super Pass” tab on the website as early as thirty (30) days before the flight’s departure or until seven (7) days before intended flight date, as long as seats are still available. 

A maximum of ten (10) vouchers per transaction is allowed, however there is NO limit to the number of total vouchers each passenger can avail – allowing everyJuan to stock up on these vouchers as they see fit!   

Again, the vouchers can be used till May 24, 2022... So I am hoping I can use these by then! Please visit for other information.

Cebu Pacific currently flies to 32 domestic destinations, so I asked on my Instagram Stories: 

What's the first local destination you're planning to go to pag okay na?

Here are some of the common answers!

Thank you CEB for sending these pasalubongs that I super miss!

Excited to fly again! Feel ko maiiyak ako on my first plane ride after all these!


  1. Hey, may i ask. I plan to use my travel fund, however, the page asking for a booking ref #. im not sure why :( care to help? thank you huhu

    1. Hello! :) Instead of clicking the travel fund option, kindly follow steps above instead! :) you don't have to input a booking reference number :)

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