How To Make Celebrations at Home More Special

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

We celebrated three occasions at home in less than a month!

First was my Ate's bridal shower 2 weeks ago, before her wedding (a surprise party). Then we had Mother's Day and my younger sister's birthday celebrations in one weekend!

We could have added more variety and excitement to these events, but the pandemic can be limiting to our creativity. There came a time I was already running out of new ideas on what to give to my closest friends celebrating their birthdays for the 2nd time at home.

Sharing some ideas here for your future reference, but please do feel free to add more on the comment box below coz this girl needs a little help too! ❤ 

Gift Ideas for Friends Celebrating Their Birthdays at Home:

1. Digital Gifts - This can be in the form of commissioned drawings, e-vouchers, or a playlist! A few Christmases ago, since I usually spend the holidays with my family, I posted commissioned illustrations of my friends on my Instagram account saktong 12mn. I also emailed them the hi-res copies. It is a unique and personal gift, plus you get to support local artists too.

2. Food Deliveries - Staying at home made us miss a lot of "outside food", so receiving a box of one's favorite pizza or dessert are highly appreciated! I usually order via food delivery apps like Grab Food and Food Panda where I can check the different options available in my area. They usually offer discount or free shipping vouchers too!

3. Flower Deliveries - When I've already exhausted the food delivery option last year, this year I decided to send flowers instead for my friends' birthdays. People seldom receive flowers nowadays (I think?), that receiving a pretty bouquet has become a breath of fresh air.

I just discovered an online Flower Store delivery service where you can order the night before, then they will arrive to your friend the next day at your preferred time frame (yung gising na sila, lol)! They also have cakes, chocolates, balloons, and other add-ons. 

Their bouquet can be a bit pricey, but the flowers are really fresh! Plus their service is very reliable and convenient--which are very important to me who makes last-minute purchases! Haha!

How To Make Celebrations at Home More Special:

1. Decors - Shopee is key! You can get banners, banderitas, those metallic foil curtain backgrounds, balloons, table mat, and other party-ready props even when you're on a budget. Just make sure to order in advance to avoid delay stress.

[Where I got these Bridal Shower decors and other party needs online]

Ate's Bridal Shower Banner, Cake Topper, and Headband / Sash are all from Shopee!

2. Printouts - Decors, but make it personalized! I used an online free templates site and app called Canva to create professional-looking invitation for Ate's bridal shower, while a Mother's Day card looked more well-designed with Canva templates. A working and loaded printer at home is also an essential for me these days!

Last minute invite printouts that made Ate's party look more put-together!

Created the dessert topper layout with Canva too

A prettier Mother's Day card for Mom, free layout via Canva

3. Cake Delivery - The best table centerpiece for any event is a pretty cake! 

These days, I am really in love with the cake options of Boulangerie22, they are affordable, yummy, aesthetically pleasing, plus it's so easy to buy from them since they're in most food apps already. 

If your celebrant prefers something savoury, you can also opt for cheese platters or graze boxes like ApéritifPH or @apgrazingtable

I really love Boulangerie22's Japanese Cotton Cheesecake!

Boulangerie22's Strawberry Love Cake for Mother's Day! This is an affordable and yummy strawberry chiffon cake, covered with real dried strawberry bits! 

This pandemic really made us more creative and appreciative of what we have in front of us. It's really the family and friends--people who are celebrating with us--that made these parties a success! These were all fun times, no doubt, but I still hope it's the last year we need to limit ourselves to parties at home.

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