Knowing When To Stop / Knowing What Feels Right

Friday, February 04, 2022

Woke up rather unusually late today. 

I checked my phone and saw my friend send a link through our Messenger group. It was Coldplay Chris Martin's recent interview with Ellen. Insta-double tap. I decided to watch it before replying.

It was a short interview but showed a lot of sides of Chris. He is down-to-earth and funny. BTS was also mentioned. What struck me the most from the conversation was when Ellen asked him about the news that Coldplay will only be creating their last three albums till 2025. 

Here's how the conversation went:

Ellen: And then that’s it? 

Chris: And then we’ll just come out and hangout with you wherever you are. Yeah, I think that’s what feels right to us. I think we will keep on touring, and we will still be a group of musicians but … the story of our albums ends then. Even Harry Potter ends at a certain point. 

E: You’re taking a lead from Harry Potter. 

C: Of course. 


C: I think you’ve learned this a long time ago, and over time we’ve learned this … we’re so lucky that we get to just follow what feels right. And that’s what we decided to do. That’s why our music changes a bit. Sometimes we lose people, and (sometimes) we get people. But really it just becomes so fun since we just (have the) privilege of following what feels correct.  

E: Yeah, follow what feels right. 

My own copy of My Universe CD of ColdTan coincidentally arrived today, too. 

I think artists will go through this someday. Some will never stop til end, hopefully still burning with passion. Others just know they are already done with their story. What I like about Coldplay's decision is they are consciously ending their art together. Not because they are burnt out, and most especially not as enemies, but as brothers and musicians who know that this is it! The end of the story. It inspired me knowing that big bands usually end their time together in bad terms, often times with no proper closure (which causes so much pain to fans), but you'll still find groups who just collectively know what they want to do together and when they want to stop. It takes so much wisdom and contentment. Someday, I hope I will know when my own journey as a social media creator ends. And I hope I will be doing so coz it felt right at that moment. 

(Coldplay, please turn "Knowing What Feels Right" concept into a song! 😂)

Watch the full interview here.

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