BTS Concert At Home Ideas: Permission To Dance LA Online Concert

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Last year during Permission to Dance LA's online concert, my friends and I were able to plan our own mini event. Since tomorrow is another concert day we are spending online at our own homes or private venues, I am sharing some details of our BTS party last year that you might want to try too!

1. Online Concert Tickets

Of course, pinaka importante, mawala na ang lahat! Make sure to legally purchase your ticket for tomorrow's concert. You can buy at the Weverse Shop app, while link to the concert is via (more details also also via Weverse Shop app). As always, one ticket can be used in up to 2 devices max, so you can save by splitting the fee with an ARMY friend.

2. Venue

You can watch the concert at home, or like in our case, a private hotel room. Make sure there's a TV and you have all the cords and other tech stuff I am not familiar with so you can mirror your laptop to a bigger screen. Last year, we failed to bring cords at the hotel, so we just watched with a laptop (but at least together, haha 😅). Okay din yung projector! 

Also, we made sure that the hotel consented our concert viewing (in short, alam nila na baka "medyo" mag iingay kami, lol). We also had no plans of making any profit out of our "events", or use a public venue like cafe or cinema for viewing para hindi magka legal sanctions--just stuff to consider during your planning!

3. Props and Decors 

My favorite part! Haha! Here are some props and decors you can DIY:

- Print out mock concert tickets you can give out to your friends as souvenirs. Add in photo cards, paper wristband, or a ARMY VIP ID, since these are the actual things they give to BTS concert attendees. In Twitter, there are ARMY artists that usually post free printables for personal use (again, basta hindi ibebenta). You can also purchase fan-made concert kits from ARMY businesses. 

- We also bought purple and orange balloons to decorate our space since it fits the PTD Era theme. Yun palang super festive na ng vibe! We also have Permission To Dance placards for photo op props.

- OT7 pillows - for a touch of BTS in our decor, and since we can't bring standees to our venue! 😅 You can also stick posters, or in our case for tomorrow, flash photos and videos via a mini projector.

- ARMY Bomb - used these makeshift lightstick stand to display our ARMY Bomb before the concert. 

(Size 25 for regular sized lighsticks, Size 15 for keyring lightsticks)

4. Food 

Korean-themed menu is nice! You can buy Korean snacks in K Groceries, but the usual pizza and popcorn party is okay, too! Some food we are considering tomorrow coz magpapadeliver nalang din kami sa venue:

- Kko Kko's Concert set

- Goldilocks BT21 Cakes - they already have an option that does not require pre-orders, and available via Grab in some areas! More affordable too.

- Egg Drop Sandwiches and Corndogs (Kdrama vibe)

Ashley also brought her BTS themed food (TinyTan chocolate and BT21 Waffle/Sandwich Maker)

That's it! Any concert at home ideas you want to share too?? 

To watch the boys LIVE is the dream, but oh well, we do what we can do for now. So let's create our own happiness--with friends, alone in our room, or whatever setup or situation you have at the moment: We can be HAPPY. 💜

Enjoy the BTS weekend, ARMY! :) BORAHAE!

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