Power of Seven: Women Behind Golden Haven

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Every year, the International Women’s Month of March has become a propitious time for celebrating women for their amazing courage and influence in many spheres of life. They are “the hand that rocks the cradle”—and rocks the world—as they post extraordinary triumphs in their professions while nurturing home and hearth.


This imagery of empowered women is not lost on Golden Haven, the developer of the country’s most beautiful memorial parks. After all, the company is proud of the influential women who have helped make Golden Haven one of the most trusted names in the deathcare industry


Here, Golden Haven pays tribute to seven women from the executive suite who continue to make inroads in their careers with their leadership, self-confidence, and remarkable foresight.


Estrellita Tan


At the helm of the company is Estrellita Tan, Chief Financial Officer of Golden Haven Memorial Park. A self-proclaimed “dreamer from the province of Nueva Ecija,” Tan climbed the corporate ladder as a CPA by trade. Working her way up from being a staff auditor to being the chief financial officer of a leading real estate company, Tan managed to balance a productive work life with the fulfilling role of being a mother to four children. 


Tan did so by defying the odds she encountered along the way. It takes true character to manage all the hats she had to wear as both an executive and as a mother. But she did so with grace, finding the energy to multi-task and walk the talk as a role model for those around her. Whenever unpopular decisions had to be made, Tan found a way to remain objective—and listened to her gut when a leap of faith was necessary.


Tan sends an inspiring message to all women this month: “Be outstanding. Despite the many challenges we encounter in our journey, we have the power to do incredible and great things,” says Tan. 


Emelia Lustado


Emelia Lustado, Golden Haven Division Head for Visayas and Mindanao, has been with the Villar company for 28 years now. She counts this as one of her greatest accomplishments, especially having spent the last four years with Golden Haven. An industrial engineer by trade, Lustado is also a mother of two who “appreciates people who have a positive outlook in life.” 


To Lustado, success is defined as not giving up. “Even if it takes years to reach your goal,” she says, “persistence is key if you want success.” 


Lustado acknowledges women’s immense capacity to make things happen. “Where there is a woman,” she affirms, “there is magic.”


Analyn Anero


Analyn Anero, the Division Head for Luzon, has been with Golden Haven for decades now. Her stint with the company has taken her all over the country, having been assigned to Las Pinas, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Iloilo, and Bulacan, just to name a few. 


For Anero, being a leader proved to be one of the most significant challenges in her career path. “Need mo patunayan na kaya mo at may nagagawa ka, kahit pa minsan tahimik ka lang. There is no need to announce it to everyone.” 


To Anero, quiet and humble leadership can take one far. She speaks about how passion and drive must fuel every woman’s life. “Don't be afraid to do what you want; keep fighting for your dreams.”


Maria Renee Regala


Maria Renee Regala, better known as Ren, is the head of Golden Haven’s Information Technology Department. A goal-oriented person, she is responsible for the company’s continued innovation in digital spaces. For Regala, flexibility and balance have become the key to a successful career as she works to manage all her different roles in life. 


“Success for me is when you maximize your potential,” says Regala. “Know yourself and know your worth. Do not let others look down on you.”


Kate Cator


Kate Cator, the CNC and Admin Head of Golden Haven, is an accountant by profession—and a dog mom and plantita at home. When she is not investing her energy in helping run Golden Haven, Cator can be found baking or curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee.


For Cator, success is something that never comes easy. “Success for me requires a certain degree of sacrifice to be achieved,” says Cator. “That sacrifice is rewarded with what is worthy and valuable.”


Cator’s approach to leadership is one that is rooted in a sense of giving and nurturing. “My advice for women who lead or aspire to lead: love your flock. Leadership is not about the title and position; leadership is about influence.” 


Joan Rimando


Joan Rimando, the HR Head of Golden Haven, credits her sense of discipline to being raised by a military father. Reminiscing on her childhood, Rimando proudly asserts that she and her siblings learned the value of hard work and determination early on. These principles drove her to build her career around research consultancy, while simultaneously teaching at a top university. For eleven years, Rimando bore the responsibilities both jobs required of her before eventually switching to the human relations field she’s in today. 


Rimando points out that one of the greater challenges she has encountered in her life and work has been her tendency to overthink. Only when she pushed herself out of her comfort zone was she able to pursue new roles and diversify her experience. Small wonder, then, that for Rimando, success is about being happy. “Success is not something you chase; it is a state from within you,” she muses.


Rimando cautions other women not to limit themselves. “Don’t let anyone define who you are and what you can do,” she says. “Many people will have opinions about what you should do and when, but only you can define what is right for you. Follow your path.”


Miles Teretit


Miles Teretit is the Chief Accountant at Golden Haven Memorial Parks. A CPA graduate of BS Accountancy from the University of the East Manila, she has been with the Villar group for eight years now. 


A woman who knows how to work hard and play hard, she loves sports, plants, and travelling. To her success is the opportunity to do what you love and inspire others. 


“Be yourself and do what makes you happy,” she reminds others. “Pray and be thankful.”

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