7 Sandbars in the Philippines You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

Thursday, April 07, 2022

The blazing summer heat has arrived in the Philippines! The humid, scorching climate calls for chilled drinks, turning on the air conditioning, and taking a dip in the pool or beach. With quarantine restrictions relaxing, traveling to the country’s hidden jewels and most-prized respites is now possible and safer.

And if you’re looking for a serene and refreshing environment to relax from your house for rent in Manila worth 5k or a house for rent in Cagayan de Oro, a trip to the Philippines’ beaches might do the trick. These award-winning beaches and resorts not only boast pristine sand and picturesque sunsets, but they also have stunning sandbars!

That said, here are seven must-visit sandbars in the Philippines perfect for summer:

Palad Sandbar (Marinduque)

Photo from Palad Sandbar- Marinduque, Philippines Facebook Page

Marinduque is a Holy Week hotspot due to the Moriones Festival, a lenten festival replicating the imperial garb of the Roman Empire and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. But did you know that the province has smaller islands where oceanic paradises? One prime example is the Palad Sandbar in Maniwaya Island.      

This sandbar has subtle gray-toned sand that complements the surrounding aquamarine waters. Despite being smaller than other popular sandbars in the Philippines, Palad Sandbar offers a secluded yet refreshing setting to visitors. In addition, it is best to go to the sandbar early morning to see the glory of its naturally crafted sand islet better. 

Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary and Sandbar (Masbate)

Photo from Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary & Sandbar Facebook Page

Sandbars aren’t just beautiful vacation spots and a social media-worthy photography hub. They’re also essential to many coral reef ecosystems since several fish and marine species depend on these long strips of sand for survival, fertility, and sustainability. One such beauty that contributes to the Philippine seas’ continuity is the Buntod Sandbar and Reef Marine Sanctuary in Masbate.

Sprawling 100 hectares in the Mobo Bay of Masbate, Buntod Sandbar is the ideal getaway spot for those who need to be away from anything urban and concrete. Nature lovers may visit this sandbar and reef system to see human efforts to benefit tourism, the people of Masbate, and the Philippines’ natural treasures.

Ditaytayan Island (Palawan)

Photo by Dustin W. on Foursquare

Hailed as one of the best islands in the world, Palawan is a quintessential summer destination. The island offers many beach paradises such as Coron and El Nido that will surely make your Holy Week vacation memorable and worth every penny. But if you’re looking for something more pristine and remote, then the Ditaytayan Island sandbar awaits you.

Located in the Calamian Islands right off the coast of Coron Bay, Ditaytayan Island’s sandbar has a triangular shape comprising fine white sand. The tip of the triangle sand bar meets an islet covered in greeneries, while turquoise waters surround the rest. And despite being in a sunny spot, Ditaytayan Island’s waters and sand bar are perfect for taking morning dips and swimming as the surrounding sea is cool and relaxing.

Panumbagan Sandbar (Sorsogon)

Photo from Sorsogon 101 Facebook Page

Another marine sanctuary in the south of Luzon worth vacationing in is the Panumbagan Sandbar in Pilar, Sorsogon. It stretches into a fork-like shape, with its prongs varying from long strips of white sand to lush thickets of trees and plants. In fact, Panumbangan Sandbar’s  unique shape and serene surroundings are two factors that made it one of the must-visit spots in Sorsogon.

Additionally, Panumbagan Sandbar isn’t just known for its beauty. Underneath the waters surrounding the sand bar is a complex reef system that houses and nurtures several species of fish and other marine life. In fact, Panumbagan is abundant with sea grapes (lato) and sea urchins (uni), two marine ingredients used in some exotic dishes. With the abundance of sea, double-tap-worthy spots, and seafood, you’ll surely have a guilt-free and enjoyable lent vacation experience at Panumbagan Sandbar.

Seco Island (Antique)

Photo from Seco Island Tour Facebook Page

Sometimes, “larger” doesn’t always mean “better.” Take Seco Island’s sandbar in Antique Province as an example. Its stretch of white sand spans only 1.5 kilometers long but has a unique elbow shape that looks stunning in aerial or drone shots. The surrounding sapphire waters are also shallow enough for your “tampisaw” moments.

Besides being a breathtaking island and sandbar, Seco Island is also a popular kiteboarding site. Strong winds propel boarders to a height of up to 150 ft above water! From your Bacolod apartment for rent, plan your next kiteboarding adventure at Seco Island in Antique. 

Bulubadiangan Island (Iloilo)

Photo by PaintedCarpet on Wikimedia Commons

Seeking the perfect oasis-like vacation spot near your house and lot for sale in Iloilo City or Iloilo condominium? Bulubadiangan Island in Concepcion, Iloilo is the right sandbar destination for you. The island has a long stretch of fine white sand that rivals Boracay Island’s and Palawan’s bucolic sea respites. Taking a stroll on the sand will feel like having a warm foot massage.

Bulubadiangan Island also provides stunning wide-angle views of Mount Panaphag and thickets of trees. Set a time in the afternoon to admire such a view from your accommodation window or balcony. You’ll have a soft and romantic look of the horizon kissing the sea and greeneries; such a view will surely make you want to come back to Bulubadiangan Island.

Naked Island (Surigao del Norte)

Photo by Lee on Flickr

Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte is a favorite surfing spot due to its waves of various speeds and heights. But lying on the fringes of the surfing capital is Naked Island, a sandbar paradise created by nature for swimming and surfing!

Now, Naked Island isn’t named so because it is a naked beach. The sandbar respite is called “naked” due to it not having any buildings or inhabitants on it. In a way, the bareness of the large patch of white sand in the middle of the ocean provides a feeling of being small in a big and breathtaking world.

Sandbars are unique natural formations that add texture and color to the Philippines’ seas. Their uniqueness makes them well-loved vacation spots by locals and tourists. Plus, their surrounding cooling waters give a refreshing feel during hot summer days. Consider visiting these seven beautiful sandbars and experience the ocean like never before on your next vacation!


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