On My Shopee Beauty Cart: Organic Skin Japan

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

From skincare to makeup, most of my purchases are from Shopee Beauty. They have most of my favorite brands, and offer new discoveries to when I am feeling experimental and wanted to try new products.

One of my Shopee Beauty discovery is Organic Skin Japan. They are a skincare brand that uses all natural and safe ingredients, specially formulated in Japan to produce quality products. Organic Skin Japan uses simple yet powerful ingredients that are approved by the FDA, and at affordable price.

Organic Skin Japan Anti Aging Eye Gel 20ml 

Enriched with Vitamin Complex, the Organic Skin Anti-Aging EYE GEL has the ability to retain moisture on the under-eye area so you always look refreshed. It de-puffs and reduces the appearance of eye bags, instantly lifts the sagging area and helps blur wrinkle lines.

Organic Skin Japan Papaya & Kojic + Calamansi Liquid Soap 250 ml 

Enriched with natural Papaya, Calamansi, Arbutin, Licorice, and bearberry extracts for a rich and natural way to achieve brighter, whiter and smoother natural skin. Sulfate Free, non-drying, highly effective whitening without the harsh chemicals.

Organic Skin Japan Booty Scrub Lightening Exfoliant with Sunflower Oil 100ml

Pamper your peaches and improve skin texture of stretch marks, cellulites, scars and skin discoloration. Add this to your routine to cleanse away acne causing bacteria. It can improve appearance of butt acne after each use. 

Organic Skin Japan 4x Intensive Whitening Lotion Vitamin C with SPF 30 (100ml)

A luxurious 4x whitening lotion made of pure extracts for achieving whitening from 4 different angles, ensuring greater whitening effect. Packed with advanced active ingredients that intensively whitens skin with SPF30 further protects against harmful UVA rays.

Infused with Vitamin C that intensively whitens skin, and SPF30 that further protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also with Alpha arbutin, Aloe Vera and Shea butter that work altogether to achieve maximum effect.

Check out these items on April 6 for exclusive freebies and discounts only on Shopee Beauty! Get products for as low as P69, FREE Cloud Soap with minimum spend of P599, and P15 OFF with minimum spend P400 when you use the code: ORGASKN15. Happy Shopping!

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