Lumos Ray Home Theater Projector Review

Monday, April 25, 2022

Did you also went through home improvements and makeovers? From constantly traveling, then suddenly being stuck at home, I now make sure that I enjoy my own room and have everything that I need here.

I have a new personal home project, which is to have my own entertainment room. After countless Kdramas and online concerts, I think it's high time to have even a simple home theater! We are still decluttering and making space, but an entertainment room must always start with a huge screen and good sound system. 

The power of a good projector: Realistic concert experience, "window", etc.

Let me introduce to you LUMOS Projectors.


Originating in Singapore and Malaysia, LUMOS Projector is finally offering us Filipinos high quality projectors at affordable price points. This game-changer product promises high quality projector image, brightness, and sound that can compete with major and more expensive brands. 

Meanwhile, I also own those cheap types of projectors you can purchase from shopping apps, but quality is definitely not at par with my experience with LUMOS. They have low picture quality if the room isn't dark enough, image is a bit washed out or distorted, and it also does not come with built-in speakers.

LUMOS also offers a full 1 year local warranty and a dedicated customer support through This gives their buyers peace of mind with their purchase.


REGULAR version (PHP 8,999) which requires an external input like a laptop/USB/TV box to display content, and does not support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Keystone Correction. 

SMART version (PHP 11,999) has its own operating system (Android OS). It is also Wi-Fi enabled, with Inbuilt Netflix, YouTube, Casting Apps, Playstore & Bluetooth. Of course, it can also support external inputs like laptop/USB/TV Box/consoles etc. This is the version that I have with me.

Disclaimer: My wall is textured wallpaper. The actual projected images by LUMOS RAY on a blank white wall will be even clearer without textures or lines. 

The interface you'll see when you initially open your LUMOS RAY projector:

Of course, you will still need to have a Netflix subscription to browse their selections:


- 1080p Resolution Support (Native 720p Bluray)

- 3000 Lumens

- 3000:1 Contrast Ratio

- Horizontal & Vertical Keystone Correction

- 50,000 Hours Life

- 16:9 / 4:3 Aspect Ratio

- 1.5-4.5M Projection Distances

- 1.35:1 Short Throw Ratio

4Ω3W x 2 (Dolby Audio Support) Speaker

AV/HDMIx1/USBx1/Audio out Interfaces

AC110-240, 50/60Hz Supply Power

- 60W Consumption

- 1.2 KG Weight

- 16 x 17 x 15 cm Dimension

- Android 9.0 OS (Operating System)

- RAM 1GB + ROM 8GB Memory & Storage

- Bluetooth 4.0

Inbuilt Airplay/AirScreen app for iPhones & Samsung Phones. Miracast for Android phones

- Inbuilt Youtube, Netflix, App Play Store


The LUMOS RAY comes with the following accessories:

- Projector

- User Manual

- Power Cable

- AV Cable

- HDMI Cable

- Remote Control (Batteries not included)


1. Compact and minimalist cube design - It can fit and blend well in any space.

2. Easy to understand the basics in operating and navigating the machine, very user-friendly even for a non-techie person like me! It is also very easy to setup even without reading the manual.

3. My favorite: the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and phone mirroring capabilities of LUMOS RAY! These options give this machine endless possibilities, really worth the price.

4. Projection is solid clear! Even during day-time, the image is still detailed and vibrant. There's a knob at the top of the unit to adjust the image focus.

Sample of day-time projections with the Lumos Ray:

Adjust this knob for clearer image / video:

5. Compact and portable design with neat leather handle, making it easy to bring anywhere around your house or even outside for events, outings, camping trips, etc! Will definitely bring this to the next online concert viewing with my friends!

It also has a screw underneath if you have a sturdy tripod to mount it in. 

6. Limited space in my room is not an issue since you don’t need to put the projector too far from the wall to get a huge screen. With the short-throw capability, LUMOS RAY can be placed even at short distances (from 1.5-4.5M), and the image projected will still be good. 


1. Hopefully inclusion of a longer cord for the unit, or to have a rechargeable, wireless projector if it's possible!

2. A special LUMOS RAY case or bag to easily bring the projector to events, etc.

3. Improve remote control navigation. They advice though that for smoother browsing of the apps and typing on search bars, you can attach a mouse and/or keyboard to the unit.


Overall, I am really excited to maximize my LUMOS RAY projector. It is worth the price, but of course only if I use it well. I am still looking for a permanent place for it at home, but will definitely also bring it to events, parties, road trips, or meetings. I remember how we always rented projectors for our events before (at a hefty cost!), but now I have my own unit that I can easily bring. 

Aside from serious stuff like meeting presentations, or to watch Netflix and Youtube videos, leaving you with other ideas where you can use your LUMOS RAY:

- For better gaming experience

- Bluetooth speaker with high quality Dolby sound system

- Instant concert experience!

- Set ambiance at home. Instead of getting a separate mood lamp or buy decors, you can project birthday signages or photos from USB, or "4D Window" videos from Youtube to transform the vibe of your room or any event!

Very realistic view from airplane window and beachside! Just search 4D window on Youtube:

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