BTS J-Hope's Documentary "j-hope IN THE BOX" Now On Disyney+!

Friday, February 17, 2023

"Pandora immediately felt her angst melt away, and her heart glow with warmth. It was HOPE that was kept in the innermost nook of the box..."

"When did you started planning all these?" "Even before I debuted"

I've always admired each BTS member for their great personalities. Aside from creating songs with straight-to-the-heart messages that transcends time and space, they are also beautiful human beings. That's already a given to me, a big ARMY (or BTS fan).

But after watching this new Disney+ documentary j-hope IN THE BOX, it gave a whole new level of RESPECT for BTS, most especially for Hobi. He was so passionate, so hands-on. "I need to pay attention to every detail. I've been having trouble falling asleep at night. But I'm definitely having fun. I love what I do...This is my chance to grow as an artist." A true artist, this documentary is our witness for his creative process--before, during, and after releasing this crucial first solo album. I can feel his anxiety even from my laptop screen.

Click to enlarge photos:

Self conditioning. J-Hope will tell himself "You can do this, right!" before his performance

A perfectionist. No wonder everything he releases is a sure hundred percent!

I will never forget Hobi Lollapalooza era

Reinventing Dynamite for Lollapalooza to make it his own

He was able to overcome all these by working extra-hard, and preparing a hundred times over than what is expected. I also felt from my laptop screen how wonderful of a person he is.. thanking EVERY person who helped him in this big project, from the baristas at the listening party, to all the staff, dancers, band, and fans he passed by after his Lollapalooza performance. You can really say that, wow, he deserves all these and more.

A documentary special produced by HYBE, viewers will be given never-before-seen clips from his star-studded album listening party, as well as front row seats to j-hope’s 2022 Lollapalooza performance. For more sunshine, make sure to stream j-hope IN THE BOX on Disney+ starting February 17.

I can still remember how Hobi Listening Party broke the internet when stars after stars kept on posting scenes from the party






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