BT21 / BTS Invades Changi Airport | Singapore Day 4: Half Day at the Changi Airport

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Flight day! By this time, my feet were really aching from all the walks. I still have a lot of places on my SG List (Tiong Bahru, Orchard), and flight was not till 12am, but I decided to just go to the airport after checking out of my hotel.

Antigen Rapid Test (ART) in Chinatown

In the middle of my trip, Cebu Pacific announced that negative RT-PCR or antigen test results are not required anymore to get back to the Philippines, but I decided to still push through with my plan. It's my first out of country travel, and I am heading home to 2 senior citizens and a baby. During one of our short chats, my hotel receptionist informed me of a nearby clinic in Chinatown, which is also priced fairly at around SGD 30. I decided to go there on my flight day as early as I can.

With no appointments, I was immediately accommodated after signing up a few info sheets. After getting swabbed, I left the clinic and looked for a nearby grocery. Result with certification was emailed back to me in just 30 minutes, while I was checking the grocery's noodles shelves! 😁

One of the best advice I got from this trip is to buy food pasalubong in their FairPrice grocery (which is EVERYWHERE in Singapore)

Travel Swab

People's Park Centre, 101 Upper Cross St, #03-11, Singapore 058357

8am to 11pm

FairPrice Chinatown Point 

133 New Bridge Road B1, #01 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413

8am to 11pm

More Vegetarian Food in SG

I still had enough time to go around before hotel checkout, so I decided to go to a FairPrice grocery to buy more last minute requests from my family. Then I finally dined in a vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown that serves meatless Singaporean cuisines. 

Thank you Google, it's easier to look for vegetarian food when traveling.

They have so much options, but I went for the laksa and satay. I love that the toppings of the laksa are crispy, the soup is tasty and creamy which I like. A bowl has overwhelming amount of noodles, sadly I wasn't able to finish it. Meanwhile, the satay is also really really good. Very crunchy and tasty, especially when dipped in the sauce. Since I ordered a lot, decided to just finish my soup and satay and not order rice kahit na bagay sana talaga mag rice with the satay. :p

Yi Xin Vegetarian

43 Temple St, Singapore 058584

8am to 8pm

BTS / BT21 Invades Changi International Airport

I was able to go back to my hotel in time to take a bath and repack my stuff. At 12nn sharp, I checked out and took a Grab to the airport. What I like about using Grab in Singapore is I already have the Grab app on my phone, and the price is already there (Around Php 700+). I can also take the train again, but my luggage was heavier and the tita in me just wanted to take it easy that morning.

Last photo on my way back to my hotel for check out, took a Grab going to the airport:

Again, I could have just left my luggage with the hotel frontdesk if I wanted to maximize my day, but decided to just chill at the airport and explore. It's my nth time in Changi International Airport, but the first time that I actually set this amount of hours to explore it. Here are some of the stuff I was able to do!

BT21 Changi Pop-up Store

I just arrived in SG when I received messages on Instagram with BT21 invading the Changi Airport. True enough, the moment I left my luggage in their paid counters, the pop-up store was just right in front of it!

Changi Airport Baggage Storage and Price List:

The BT21 Pop-Up at the Changi Airport has a lot of plushies, even ones that are usually soldout (RJ). I also spotted new stuff from their BT21 Street Mood Theme collection. They were also playing BTS songs which really ups the hype factor, and there's a photo zone in front of the store too. I made sure to get one souvenir from this visit.

BT21 Canopy Park

After going around and having my lunch, I saw a Tata on the upper level and realized that there's more BT21 at the airport in their Canopy Park. I was able to purchase a discounted ticket on the spot via my Klook App. 

Times have changed, haha! Bought rattle for my nephew at a Mothercare store:

But some things remain the same, haha! Back in a Paris Baguette for my lunch:

I really have plans to check out the Changi Canopy Park since I have a lot of time on my sleeves, but the BT21 add-on made the visit more interesting. It's just a small place where travelers, mostly families with kids, go to to relax and enjoy. I took pictures, sat for a while, before heading out again.

Heading to the Canopy Park (same floor) I saw this Glamping in the Clouds activity! Parang ang saya, but sayang my time is not swak with its schedule, plus it's a bit expensive pag mag isa. Read more about this promo HERE.

Next 2 photos are from Changi Airport's website, showing how these BT21 tents would look like inside:

Some snaps inside the BT21nized Canopy Park. Another fun part of going here is randomly spotting fellow ARMYS willing to take your picture for you :)

BTS Dynamite Rain Vortex Light Show

At around 7pm, I was already back at the Rain Vortex to wait for the Dynamite Light Show. When they announced that it's starting, I stood up in the middle to take a video of the whole thing. It was a brief show, people were still coming in when it already ended. But watching something BTS in the middle of this famous airport made me teary eyed like a proud mom or something, haha. 

The Rain Vortex at a distance:

While waiting for the light show, also love the giant VAN in the middle of one of the entrances:

Light it up like Dynamite!

There's still so much to do at the airport like watch a movie on IMAX, visit the other gardens, etcetera. You can plot your airport itinerary according to your interests.

BT21 at the Changi Airport is from May 27 to July 17, 2022. For more information about the BT21 Music Forever At Jewel please refer to Jewel Changi's website.

Flying Home

I was running for my check-in the earliest possible so I can buy Garrett's popcorn (fam and friends' request) because it's inside the departures area pa, huhu. Stores were already closed by the time we were allowed to check-in.

Anyway, in-line for check-in pls make sure you have already digitally filled up your One Health Pass. They will need it at the Changi Airport counter, and also in NAIA before the immigration booths. You will instantly get the QR on your email, but I was signing up the last minute! I was panicing coz the form wouldn't push through when you leave boxes empty, but there were questions that weren't updated or significant to me. The airport staff told us to just choose any for the testing labs, and for the foreign traveler box just click tourist.

Inside departures area, I had enough time for the lounge, so once again I was back to where I started this trip. I had my dinner there, which I think was also a good call since madaming stores na sarado talaga by that time. I also had time to shower, change into my pajamas, relax in my private cubicle while charging my gadgets, before walking to my gate for my boarding.


I know that it was quite a short trip, and it felt like I was a newbie traveler again from all my mishaps. I realized that not only protocols and requirements changed, but I also changed in that span of 2 years. I get tired easily, and my head is always above the clouds. 😅 But still, I forgive myself, I laugh it off, and I guess I have to say it again: that's the beauty of solo traveling. 

You learn from your own actions, and you can't blame anyone for your mistakes. On the flip side, all the good calls are also your own, so you deserve a pat on the back for the successful adventure. I am just glad to be back on the road, and have all these choices in front of me--so whether I picked the right one or the not so easy path, the freedom tasted sweeter this time around.

A pic with the Rain Vortex c/o another tourist, stuff I bought in the airport:

Thank you for reading my Singapore blogs!

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