Personal Reflection: BTS Yet To Come

Sunday, June 12, 2022

 “The Best is Yet to Come”

Sometimes, I have to admit, I feel that I’ve come to a dead end. That I’ve already been through the best seasons of my life. That those chapters of sweet youth have already ended. Maybe I can always look back on those days and just be grateful, days when I was so fired up with burning passion, ticking even things that are not on my bucket list. But that’s it. 

I find myself asking, can I even top those beautiful moments in my life?

And then there is BTS. A group that keeps topping charts and winning hearts. If I feel the pressure, paano pa sila diba? Here are the boys coming through with a song that says No, ARMY. Those were really really good memories, but that’s not the end. Coz the best has not happened yet. The best is yet to come.

Stream BTS Yet To Come:

"Yeah, the past was honestly the best 

But my best is what comes next"

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