Puregold Goes Even Greener with #WalastikDays!

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

With the success of the Walastik Mondays (short for Walang Pastik Mondays), Puregold now expands this campaign to include Wednesdays. Starting September 26, all Puregold stores NATIONWIDE will implement no plastic use in their stores on Mondays and Wednesdays

#WalastikDays aims to encourage customers to bring in their own reusable bags to reduce the use of plastic.  

"It may be impossible to completely eliminate plastic from the retail industry, but we can take steps to reduce the amount we are using," said Vincent Co, President of Puregold.

In response to the tons of single-use plastic bags consumed everyday, especially in groceries, Puregold encourages their customers to become even more mindful with the way they shop by bringing their own reusable bags every time they go out for groceries (not only on Mondays). This will reduce plastic consumption, and minimize carbon footprint. Since 2021, there's a decline of plastic usage in Puregold by about 40%.

In return, Puregold rewards their shoppers with P5 worth of cash rebates for every eco bag used in place of plastic bags. It's nice to support big companies that make an effort to promote sustainability, and value the future of the next generations.

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