How to Spot a Puregold Panalo Shopper

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Through its 25 years in the retail industry, Puregold has amassed longtime customers that have stayed loyal to this day. These “panalo shoppers” now easily navigate their favorite Puregold store, weaving their carts in and out the aisles to pick the products and goods they need.

Puregold’s “panalo shoppers” know all the ins and outs of any Puregold branch.

Some of them have gone on to be successful small business owners and entrepreneurs—with Puregold as a constant ‘partner’ in their new journey.

It’s easy to spot them. You might be one too without knowing it. Here’s a few telltale signs:

1. They stay on the lookout for great promos in the store. There’s always a deal to be found at any Puregold branch. Panalo shoppers always check the promo board posted right at the entrance of every branch to see what bargains await inside.

Annie Molata is a business owner and longtime Puregold panalo shopper.

2. They’re in the right online communities. Puregold has online Viber communities that post consistent updates on deals and discounts. Panalo shoppers are in the Puregold Panalo Community and the Puregold Mobile community on Viber to get real time info.

3. They follow Puregold’s social media for promos. Puregold’s official Facebook page updates on exciting store deals. That’s why panalo shoppers have liked the page and have it bookmarked for easy reference. They even share posts to inform friends of the latest deals.

4. They get a headstart at Puregold. If there’s anything our panalo shoppers agree on, it’s hopping over to Puregold before the doors open. Being the first to have a foot in the door gives you time to get a lay of the land and get first dibs at the available promos and fresh produce in stock.

Over 25 years, Puregold has amassed longtime customers that have stayed loyal to this day.

5. They know to get a deal on the first of the month. Every first of the month, there’s the Puregold Hakot Every 1. Aling Puring and Perks members can avail a 10% discount on featured items and categories monthly.

6. They follow Puregold on TikTok and YouTube for FREE entertainment. Puregold continues to expand its reach in digital spaces. Part of this is by growing their official TikTok account @puregoldph. Longtime shoppers follow Puregold’s fun TikTok series, and use the Puregold TikTok shop where you can purchase items right from the platform. They subscribe to Puregold Channel on YouTube to watch digital series and other online shows.

7. Aling Puring points alert! Small business owners who have signed up for Puregold’s Aling Puring program always keep track of the points they earn from purchases. These accumulated points may be utilized later on.

8. They use their points for savings at the end of the year. The best time to use Aling Puring rewards point is at the end of the year! That’s why panalo shoppers get the most bang for their buck by letting these build up over the year then unloading during year-end shopping.

9. They buy in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save! Buying in bulk also keeps households well stocked, and maintains precious inventory for those running their own business.

10. They use ecobags on Mondays and Wednesdays. Panalo shoppers know to participate in #PuregoldWalastikGroceryDay. Not only do they help reduce the use of single use plastics in the store, bringing an ecobag on these days also helps them earn cashback points.

So if you want to be a panalo shopper, don’t be afraid to ask for more tips. When questions arise, ask someone for help! The sales staff at your favorite Puregold branch will be ready to assist in any way they can.

If you want to be a panalo shopper, don’t be afraid to ask for more tips.

Go ahead and reach out to Puregold panalo shoppers too and ask them for tips. There’s always a new trick to learn. How to recognize those Puregold panalo shoppers? They have a happy smile on their faces!  

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