Kajaguruma: Woo Young Woo Kimbap (Restaurant)

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Last autumn 2022 in Korea, I went to Suwon for a day-trip. This city is only about an hour from Seoul, and where you can find some of the famous Kdrama shooting locations including Woo Young Woo's Kimbap / Gimbap restaurant. I traveled to Suwon by bus.

From the bus stop, I just followed my Google Maps to Kajaguruma, the name of the restaurant in real life. The facade is still the same as the one we saw at the Kdrama, but you will also see the resto's menu in front. Everything's in Korean, but I tried not to get intimidated by it since I traveled far to Suwon for this.

Woo to the Young to the Woo!

Translated to English the Kajaguruma Menu. I realized they also have a sub menu of Egg Kimbap! ♥

Side tip: Download the Papago app, use it's camera translator option, and view the English translation of a printed text.

When I was there in October 2022, there were a lot of locals taking pictures of the restaurant from the outside. Was pleased that Extraordinary Attorney Woo was truly a hit even Koreans.  

Instagram post:

Kajaguruma serves Japanese food like salmon and tempura. I didn't notice during my visit, but they also have a submenu of kimbap (most prob for the Woo Young Woo fans who will visit). Instead, I chose the omurice which sounds filling for a long day. It still has bits of meat in it, which I just set aside (I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian), but the food is indeed satisfying. After eating, the person behind the cashier handed me two lollipops as I paid for my bill. 

Place is very homey / comfortable

They retained the signages used in the drama, this one on the glass says "Woo Young Woo Kimbap"

Of course, a whale plushie!

They gave me lollipops as freebie, and saw this signed poster of Park Eunbin!

The Woo Young Woo Kimbap sign outside the resto is still there

Took me lots of guts to finally ask a random passerby to please take my picture with the store facade (introvert solo traveling probs lol), and was lucky that the one I asked took so many nice pictures (thank you!). If you're also a fan of the Kdrama, it is definitely place worth visiting. There were Woo Young Woo breadcrumbs in and outside the resto, and food is good too!

Selfie outside, super dami tao! Thank you to the girl who took nice pictures of me with the resto!


Address: 61 Sinpung-ro 23beon-gil, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Geolocation: 37.283714, 127.011540

Nearest Subway: Hwaseo Station, Exit 1 (But I took a bus from Seoul to Suwon)

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