Korean Thriller “PANDORA: BENEATH THE PARADISE” Now on Disney+

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

If you're into Korean thrillers with exciting plot, then this new drama on Disney+ is for you!

On March 11, Pandora: Beneath the Paradise by famed Korean creator Kim Sunok arrives on Disney+. The plot revolves around Hong Taera, who seems to be living a seemingly perfect life. The envy of many, she is married to a successful developer, and has a loving daughter by her side. The catch is, she can't seem to remember her past, and how she got to her life now. 

The nightmare started when Taera's lost memories began to resurface, making her realize that her life isn't perfect after all. She is all but part of a very elaborate game, a puppet in a big production. 

Of course, our main girl would want to take control of her life. Taera has to protect her family, and take revenge on the masterminds of her cruel situation. Trading her elegant evening dress and fragrant flowers for a blood-stained leather jacket and a 28-caliber revolver.

The plot is very exciting, and can't seem to stop watching. Actors are excellent, you will be moved by every scene. Starring E Jiah (The Penthouse: War in Life, My Mister) as Hong Taera, a woman whose perfect life is shattered when memories from her past resurface; Lee Sangyun (One the Woman, VIP) as Pyo Jaehyun, Taera’s husband and the chairman of Hatch; Jang Heejin (Flower of Evil, The Red Sleeve) as Ko Haesoo, the YBC’s top anchor; Park Kiwoong (Secretly Greatly, Bridal Mask) as Jang Dojin, the second son of the Kumjo group; and Bong Taegyu (The Penthouse: War in Life, Return) as Koo Sungchan, the director of Hatch’s research center; Pandora: Beneath the Paradise is created by Kim Sunok, the mastermind behind the hit series The Penthouse: War in Life and Return, and is directed by Choi Younghoon (One the Woman, Good Casting). 

Produced by CJ ENM’s production powerhouse Studio Dragon, Pandora: Beneath the Paradise starts streaming from March 11, on Disney+ with new episodes released every Saturday and Sunday. Make sure to catch it! 

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