Beko Philippines Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Monday, May 22, 2023

European home appliance brand Beko celebrated their 3rd anniversary in the Philippines with a trade launch last week at the Marriot Hotel Manila Grand Ballroom. 

Meanwhile, it has also been 2 years since my first Beko, which is a refrigerator. I am excited for the brand's future plans as they enter a new phase of business in their journey to bring the European brand to a sustainable lifestyle for Filipino customers. 

Beko announces its goal of being the number one European brand in the Philippine market in the next 5 years

Stars Dazzle at Official “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile” Press Conference

Sunday, May 21, 2023

The stars shone bright at the recent Tindahan ni Aling Puring Sari-sari Store Negosyo Convention, Puregold’s annual celebration of small business owners across the country. Among the many exciting events lined up for participants, one notable highlight was the official press conference for “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile,” which took place on the first day.

The cast and crew of "Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile" were front and center at a press conference at the Tindahan ni Aling Puring Convention

May 6-8, 2023

Penang has always been in my travel bucket list. 

I always think of the art installations and wall murals, lots of history, and good food whenever this city is brought up. During my Malaysia trip a few weeks ago, I had the chance to finally visit this northwest side of Malaysia. Our final stop for this FAM tour with Philippine Airlines is George Town, the capital City of Penang. 

When I hear "Penang", I always think about the OG art murals

Hawker for our first dinner in Penang

Timezone Festival Mall Alabang is Now Open!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

📍Timezone Festival Mall Alabang, 2nd Level Expansion Wing

Always a good time when in TIMEZONE! Missin' my highschool barkada, we used to play every Saturday at the Glorietta 4 branch (complete with Neoprint and Starbucks haha). There was a time when I got a toy for each of my friends in the claw machine, but sila ang namumuhunan! Kaso wala pang Insta noon so no evidence it happened, haha! Anyway, so happy my favorite arcade opens a branch nearer my place. Timezone is now open in Festival Mall Alabang!

Welcome to Festival Mall Alabang, Timezone!

Posing with the BT21 plush prizes, manifesting we will win these next time--haha!

“Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile” Cast: Who is the most date-worthy?

Friday, May 19, 2023

Netizens continue to be enthralled by Puregold Channel’s Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile, as the digital series takes viewers on a journey of kilig and the complexities of modern relationships—online and off.   

With all the excitement and sense of anticipation spawned by Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile, one can’t help wondering which character is the most date-worthy among them all? Who makes your heart skip a beat? Whose smile lights up your day or whose wit and sense of humor keep you entertained for hours on end?

Angge, played by Yuki Takahashi, continues to help Bryce navigate the dating world as they converse through Talkverse

Empower the Next Generation: Be a Golden Haven Ambassador Today

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Golden Haven Memorial Parks Inc., the country’s leading provider of premium deathcare services, is calling on millennials and GenZ’s to join its Golden Haven Ambassador Program, an initiative that will provide them meaningful work opportunities on flexible time.

Golden Haven Ambassador program’s objectives will resonate well with potential ambassadors aged 18 to 35.

May 3-5, 2023

I wonder what people usually think when it comes to traveling to Malaysia? :) 

It is still a less talked about vacation spot in my circle, but on my 5th time traveling here, I'd like to say that Malaysia is one of my favorite destinations.

During our recent trip, we spent around 2 days in the capital city Kuala Lumpur. I thought that a repeat performance of a city will be dragging, but we actually went to other places aside from the usuals. And even going to classic locations felt new to me again. 

Two days in KL, of course there's no way we won't see the twin towers!

Puregold Tindahan ni Aling Puring Brings the Brands Straight to the Sari-Sari Stores

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

While makers of all consumer goods aspire to see their products lining the shelves of supermarkets and display racks at shopping malls, they also know that a reliable indicator of success is out there in the streets.

This May 18-20, Puregold is once again holding a convention to bridge the gap between businesses and small business owners.

Malaysia Travel Requirements + Reasons Why You Should Travel to Malaysia

Sunday, May 14, 2023

May 3-8, 2023

Traveled to Malaysia for a FAM tour with Philippine Airlines. I've been to this country several time before the pandemic, but always for events. After this trip, I wish I can go back for a solo or personal travel to get to know our neighbor country more. There are still new things to explore, and I just love the whole vibe of Malaysia. I always go home happy!

Our group during the Malaysia-Philippine Airlines FAM Tour! We were with Travel Agencies.

Just like in my past posts, sharing some of my travel notes for this trip:

1) No more requirements to travel to Malaysia, just the usual plane tickets, passport, etc. (Vaccinated or Non-vaccinated passengers are welcome, negative PCR not mandated)

A nice counter at the NAIA Terminal 2

Check in was a breeze, and our flight was on time


2) Malaysia has same timezone as Philippines, so no need to adjust your watch and body clock.

3) However, they use a different electrical outlet - three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Don't forget to bring your adaptor!

4) We traveled via Philippine Airlines from NAIA Terminal 2 to KLIA Terminal 1. Travel time was about 4 hours, so I slept a lot. Since it's a full board flight, we also get 30-kilo luggage allowance, and inflight meals. 

Since we were with PAL, stayed at the Mabuhay Lounge while waiting for our boarding

Ate nadin even though they will still serve food at the plane

Time went by while eating (and catching up with Kenneth)

Lounge Perks: Shower Room

Sun was already up when we took off

5) Malaysia is also very hot at this time of the year, so pack your cool and comfortable clothes, scarf, hats, umbrella, and sunscreen. Plan a lot of indoor activities too--like cafes and museums.

6) I bought my local data sim at the airport after the luggage carousel. So many options, but we chose the 7-day 7GB local sim at RM25. Internet connection was good from my experience, worth the price. 

I had no time to book via Klook, so I just looked for a sim card booth at the airport. There are a LOT of options, and they are conveniently located in one area

Make sure to canvass first before paying. I got the 25 Ringgit 7GB 1 week data sim

7) It has been a while since I encountered a problem with using my BDO Debit Visa card in another country. I tried using my card in different stores and cities in Malaysia, but it was always declined. I was able to withdraw Malaysian Ringgit at an airport ATM machine though, and the charge was only Php 190+. So next time, will make sure to withdraw enough money for the trip to avoid paying for the charge every time. 

8) No experience commuting since we we're part of a tour bus, so no need to buy reloadable train card for me. But I heard that local train system in KL is very good, and they also have Grab Car and Taxi too.

Sharing some plane photos:

Full flight!

My seatmate, Ate Gem

As expected, they served food mid flight. Availed the meal with hashbrown and eggs

Nice weather to welcome us when we landed

So happy to set-foot in Malaysia once again!

Ending this blog post with "Why travel to Malaysia (versus its other neighboring Southeast Asian countries)?" 

Since Malaysia is still a less-brought up travel destination within my circle, let me share my reasons why you will love it here:

Malaysia has something for everyone. Nature trip or city life, high fashion to  beaches or rainforests, authentic cuisines, amusement parks or adventure activities, luxurious to budget travel--Malaysia has them all!

Diversity. Malaysia is also very multicultural, being home to diverse cultural ethnicities including Malay, Chinese, and Indians. Malaysia Truly Asia, indeed! Imagine celebrating so many cultural festivals in one country, from Hari Raya at the end of Ramadan, Chinese New Year, to Diwali. Diversity also extends to their food, the language they speak, and religion. This openness to differences is outstanding, making it a colorful destination of choice.  

Rich in History. Malaysia is also very rich in heritage, and you’ll witness how they preserve their history and art very well. Going on a walking tour is a treat. They are also a melting pot of architecture, from KL’s Petronas Twin Towers and Saloma Bridge, to Penang’s George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Developed country, but an affordable destination. Kuala Lumpur is a world-class city, mapapa sanaol ka talaga. The moment I stepped foot in KLIA, I experienced how advance they are with their train system inside the airport, to their efficient yet cheap public transportation system. My friend Kenneth who has been to Malaysia several times said that Grab is also very affordable here, as well as their accommodations. A nice room worth Php 10k in Manila, is only about Php 5k in KL.  

Nature Destination. Tired of the busy city life? Malaysia also offers a lot of rainforests, national parks, and beach destinations. Want to go on a hike? They also have Mount Kinabalu, one of the highest mountains in South East Asia.  

Foodie Destination. And, of course! Get ready for a gastronomic adventure with Malaysia’s multi-ethnic culinary diversity. Each region has something different to offer. When in KL, visit Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang for authentic street food. For the ultimate foodie destination, make sure to add Ipoh and Penang in your itinerary. 

Our tour bus while in KL

Our very nice and funny KL tour guide Sir Lai, who knows a lot about Filipino culture and Filipino language

Excited face, anticipating for this trip's adventures!

Selamat datang! (Welcome!) I hope this entry sparked your interest in traveling to Malaysia. Up next, I will post about our itinerary or Things To Do in Malaysia. Hope you will also watch out for that. ♥

To be continued!

Book your flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur via Philippine Airlines.

OATSIDE Is Finally In The Philippines

Thursday, May 11, 2023

OATSIDE held its official launch in the Philippines at Papakape, Fort Santiago, Intramuros Manila on May 9, 2023 in a true Filipino Fiesta style hosted by Sam YG and Erwan Heussaff in Philippine’s first-ever milk tasting experience.

So happy to see blog friends at the launch of OATSIDE in Manila!

Event location: Fort Santiago!

Lovely event set-up inside Intramuros, in front of PAPAKAPE

It's the cafe WayV Ten visited when they toured intramuros during the Kpop group's PH stop

In partnership with the Moment Group, guests were able to taste Adobo Mousse on a Fried Oat Milk Bar along with other local delicacies that incorporate OATSIDE, showcasing its versatility beyond coffee and drinks. Guests were treated to Oat-Crusted Cheese-Stuffed Arancini on Cauli-Oat Milk Puree, Chocolate Oat Milk Coffee Jelly Shooters and South Cotabato Crumbs with Oatmilk Latte Dip. For dessert, guests had the opportunity to try halo-halo, taho and ice cream—all with an OATSIDE twist.

Pre-event gaming. Dishes that incorporate OATSIDE

Of course, they also served desserts with a touch of OATSIDE!

Sam YG and Erwan Heusaff were thrilled to be part of the experience as well. According to Sam, “I’ve been a fan of OATSIDE from its coffee partners, and I’m so excited that it’s finally reached Philippine shelves!” Meanwhile, Erwan shares that he’s excited to use OATSIDE in his own kitchen: “I’ve tried to make my own oat milk at home because I haven’t found the right one in our markets, but OATSIDE just changed the game for all of us.”

Erwan Heusaff and Sam YG talked about OATSIDE

Met more blog friends during the event!

OATSIDE, the oat milk brand that has swept across Asia since early 2022, can often be spotted in cafes and supermarkets across countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. OATSIDE is finally coming to Manila in select retail locations and is now available in both its Barista Blend and Chocolate variants.

Barista Blend and Chocolate variants of OATSIDE

Singaporean Founder and CEO Benedict Lim began OATSIDE when he saw a gap in the market for a plant-based milk that offers a creamy and malty taste profile that is familiar to people who don’t typically drink plant milks. 

“We know that taste is often a barrier for more people adopting sustainable milks, so our goal was to develop an oat milk that could overcome these perceptions. It was a challenge developing the right product with existing setups at contract manufacturers in the early days, so we took the longer approach of building our own production line that allowed us more customization and control over the oat extraction process,” says Benedict.

OATSIDE Founder Benedict Lim with Erwan Heusaff

OATSIDE is one of Asia’s few “full-stack” plant milk start-ups. OATSIDE has retained full jurisdiction over their entire production process, from sourcing its Australian oats, to oat extraction to filling. This allows customization in the production process of our delicious oat milk, and the ability to ensure that only sustainably-sourced ingredients of the highest-quality are used. OATSIDE is plant-based, lactose-free, cholesterol-free and low in saturated fats.

Notes on oat milk tasting. OATSIDE is creamy, malty, with slight nuttiness from roasted Australian oats

Sam YG asked Pax's thoughts on OATSIDE, a TOAST to the best tasting oatmilk we've tried!

Sustainability has been core to the mission of driving plant-based milks globally – production of oat milk requires 90% less land and water and produces 70% less emissions as compared to the production of cow’s milk, which makes it much more sustainable.

OATSIDE Barista Blend’s creaminess gives body to coffees and teas, but is neutral enough to allow the coffee and tea notes to shine through. OATSIDE Barista Blend also creates beautiful microfoam when steamed for latte art, making it a favourite among baristas. OATSIDE Chocolate is a dark, rich chocolate oat drink made with a Rainforest Alliance-certified Indonesian-African cocoa blend, no added flavours, and with less sugar than most chocolate milks.

With the sustainable angle, I just love everything about this product

Not to mention, it has a pretty packaging too!

Thank you for bringing OATSIDE in Manila!

Today, OATSIDE is available in partner cafes in the Philippines including PickUp Coffee, FRNK and Bo’s Coffee; and starting May, OATSIDE Barista Blend and Chocolate will be available on the shelves of major retailers nationwide, starting with Landers and Puregold — and on e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

NEW: Corner Pizza Stuffed Baked Rolls

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

New food discovery!

Are you craving for a cheesy, savory food that will surely keep you satisfied? Check out the new Stuffed Baked Rolls only at Corner Pizza!


Katrina Gaisano-Lee or "Tanya" as she is known to friends and family, is a Davao-based self-taught artist who began her artistic journey in 2014 with only a black pen. 

Originally drawing simple black and white patterns, the artist eventually began diversifying and incorporating vivid colors and textures into her art using acrylics and ink - all of which have now become integral elements of her artistic expression. 

Beautiful vivid colors and textures

The artist Tanya Gaisano Lee

#GCashStories: Inspiring Stories of Unwavering Hope, Camaraderie, and Community

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

We all know how technology simplifies our life. I can't imagine heading out now, and having the need to bring cash all the time. Or traveling without my phone to help with directions, communication, and even on-the-spot researching! With just a few clicks on our phones, it reduces the amount of time we wait in lines, delivers items to our doorsteps, and even moves us from one location to another. Moreover, technology also continues to strengthen connections and foster relationships.

Just like with GCash. More than a Finance Super App, GCash has features that have allowed parents, friends, relatives and even acquaintances with a simple and efficient way to transfer money, making it easier to provide support and financial assistance whenever needed. Thus, the #GCashStory campaign in born.

At the launch of #GCashStory campaign with my blog friends @lushangel, @ruthilicious, @artsyava, Mich, and @paxieness

Chili's Margarita Madness!

The long weekend was spent with my family and friends. Different occasions, different delicious food choices, but both with Chili's Top Shelf Margaritas in one hand!