Boracay Food Trip 2024

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

All the food we had for this very short trip! There were so many vegetarian options, and we loved being able to try out numerous local restaurants during our stay! 

Sometimes, I tell myself that I go to Boracay for the eats, lol. I used to diet (huhu) prior to a Boracay trip back in my youth, because our agenda was to take pics and party. Gone were those days! I am actually looking forward to the Boracay trip to actually swim and fill up my belly, haha!  

Here's our food list for the 3-day trip; it may seem simple, but the Ginataang Gulay from Two Seasons was actually my (and dad’s) favorite. πŸ˜…πŸ«ΆπŸΌ We had a free breakfast buffet in our hotel, so that's minus one meal to think about in a day. Yet, my sister and I agreed that we haven't eaten this much in our day-to-day lives! It's like we're having five meals a day during this vacation, haha!

Los Indios Bravos


samosas and chicken goujon

First stop in the island! I like the food, but the service made this visit worthwhile. Servers were friendly, we chatted with them and asked them about what's new in Boracay. Resto has an air conditioned / indoor area perfect for my senior parents. Mom said the chicken fingers were good. Also enjoyed the falafel (not in photo) with refillable hummus.

Mango Mama


mixed mango-coco & black rice

The fam LOVED this! It's mango sticky rice with a twist. Perfect for the hot weather, but we wished they have comfortable dining area so we can enjoy the dessert more.

Two Seasons 


four cheese pizza, oyster sisig, lechon kawali, ginataang gulay

The classic! THE OG when you visit Boracay! We were supposed to eat here when we arrived, but as always, the resto was jam-packed. We arrived early for dinner at around 6pm, and were seated right away. WORTH IT. Hindi padin nag bago the taste, super sarap padin. I also ordered ginataang gulay for a change, and it was also so so good!

Sunny Side Boracay


vegan chori burger, champorado

My Ate's fave! That's why we made sure to dine here during this trip. We had drinks and champorado first, then chilled and ordered lunch nadin. As always, food is GREAT! View is also beautiful. This is at their new Station 1 branch.

Ice Flakes Boracay


Mango Coconut, most recommended on my IG story survey

The most recommended food when I asked for recommendations on my Instagram Story! True enough, this bingsoo is goood! A bit on the pricey side, but worth it naman ang lasa.

True Home Bistro


perfect ambiance for dad’s birthday

After having really good food the past meals, food here is just okay. Nothing mind-blowing. Love the ambiance though, it was quiet and homey. Perfect place to unwind for our last night, also dad' birthday dinner.



tempeh kare-kare, vegan sisig, beetroot strawberry smoothie (sarap), fresh buko tart

Hours before our transportation for the airport arrived, we took the e-tric to Station X. Dined here because they have so much healthy options. The Tempeh Kare-Kare is an interesting and healthy alternative to the usual that we know. They even served it with vegetarian bagoong. We also had vegan sisig, which is made of mushrooms and tofu. Also yummy, and super bagay with the black rice. Their smoothies are must-try, too!

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