Boracay Food Trip: Where To Eat in Boracay 2022

Saturday, March 19, 2022

It was rainy during my recent Boracay trip (Feb 2022). 

I'm just glad that it wasn't my first Boracay or beach trip in a while, or I will be disappointed to get stuck indoors. I don't really have an itinerary for this trip, plans of island hopping and water activities are just hanging up there and okay lang if hindi matuloy. And since maulan, I decided that my recent Boracay travel will just be a food trip! 

What I like most about this trip is that most of the restaurants I dined in are local businesses. Most of them I've also tried for the first time, something new if you've been going to the classic Two Seasons, Jonah's Fruit Shakes, and Real Coffee. Maiba naman.

Sharing my list below!


Congas - hole in the wall Thai restaurant near Bulabog Beach

Thai Basil Boracay - Ang sarap ng veg pad thai nila, and serving size is huge!

Smoke Resto Boracay - Affordable meals for the budgetarians 

Salsa Fusion Restaurant  - Unique menu, nice interiors

Donenoo Korean Restaurant - honest to goodness the best Korean food I've tried here in the Philippines! Naiisip isip ko padin their jiggae. :p


Lemon Cafe - Homey resto in the middle of DMall. Love their grilled cheese sandwich, staff are very attentive

Lazy Dog Boracay - Chill place in Bulabog Beach, under the radar. Sarap tumambay!

Chi-Chas and Pica - Snack / merienda break by the beachfront of Station 1. Perfect before sunset viewing

Sunny Side Cafe - Super yummy champorado! Serving size is huge, worth the price

Coco Mama - Shaved ice for dessert, vegan and tastes fresh


Cafe Del Sol - Tambayan in front of Station 2, with view of the beach. 

Coffee Stroll Boracay - Best coffee I had during my trip! Located in Nigi Nigi Too Station 1, so you'll also have a nice view of the beach

Little Wave Boracay - aesthetic cafe in Station X, coffee fix after having lunch in Nonies or Little Taj

Black Fish Coffee Bar Boracayreally aesthetic, minimalist cafe


Meze Wrap - Lots of tasty options, I can eat here everyday!

House Brew Cafe - Delicious and healthy meals, Love the falafel that comes with couscous 

Nonies Boracay - Different style of veggie sisig, hindi nakaka umay sa mayo. Best with their black rice

Two Brown Boys - yummy veggie burger, love the vibe of the place too!

Are you heading to Boracay this summer?

Feel free to add to the list by commenting your favorite Boracay food places below. 💙

For location, mentioned restaurants are all searchable on Google Maps.

Visit their Instagram page (tagged) for their menu.

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