Your Korean Dream Team: W Express & KVAC – Say Goodbye to Visa Hassles! 

Backed by W Express’ nationwide network of over 100 branches, experience a simplified Korean Tourist Visa (C 3-9) processing, from application to delivery 

(L-R) W Express Executive Vice President Emelita Alcid, W Express Chairman and President Dawn Feliciano, KVAC Managing Director Ahn Kyu Suk, KVAC General Manager Choi Yong Won

Your Guide To Summer-Ready Skin: Protect and Repair To Achieve That Summer Glow!

Friday, May 17, 2024

Sunnier days are upon us, which means summer season is here, and for Filipinos it is one of the best times to tick off their travel bucket list or simply spend quality time with their loved ones. The Philippines is gifted with thousand of islands—a variety of spots to cool down during the dry season. Thanks to its geographical features, our country can enjoy stretches of pristine white sand beaches surrounded by crystal-clear waters, caves and other rock formations, unspoiled mountain ranges, and many more sites that both locals and foreigners can enjoy. 

While you may think that flip flops, sunglasses and hats will be the main character of your go-to summer bag, don’t forget to save some room for your sunscreen to keep you protected from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure, which can cause visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

Despite the fact that sunscreen is probably on top your list for outdoor activities, it’s actually a good practice to use it year-round and make it part of your daily skincare routine. Y.O.U Beauty’s commitment to improve one’s skin health goes beyond the surface level, the transformation it brings gives you confidence and ultimately achieve that long-lasting beauty from within.

Make Your Own Skincare in Seoul

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Instead of buying skincare in Olive Young, I decided to make my own during my short visit in Seoul. It's the perfect activity while in this city that loves beauty!

Sun Smart: SPF Essentials to Keep Your Skin Protected and Radiant

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Summer trips are here, and even in the city, I can feel the intense heat of the season. It's time to arm ourselves with the essential defense against its rays.

FWEE Korean Makeup Pop-Up Store Visit in Seongsu, Seoul

Monday, May 13, 2024

Have you heard of the trending Korean makeup brand FWEE? I chanced upon it while in Seongsu, waiting for my slot for the J-Hope Pop-Up. 

Fwee's cute pop-up in Seongsu, Seoul, South Korea

Have you been looking for a tool that will help you boost your confidence and enhance your silhouette? Have you had the opportunity to try shapewear? These garments will provide firm support while smoothing out the curves of your body. 

Thanks to wholesale shapewear you will be able to find many options that are there to cater to different outfit choices and of course body types. To make your more informed decision we want to share some of the most popular styles that keep continuing to dominate the shapewear market. 

I joined a perfume-making class in Seoul!

Thursday, May 09, 2024

Another class I joined while in Seoul was Perfume-Making.

Actually, there are a lot of studios offering this kind of class, but I chose the one easily booked through Klook called the GN Perfume in Seocho. I later found out that GN stood for GOOD NOSE!

→ Seoul Self Perfume-Making Activity in Seoul by GN Perfume Studio

What's your favorite scent?

I Joined a Korean Full-Course Meal Cooking Class at a Local Home in Seoul!

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

I joined a Korean Full-Course Meal Cooking Class at a Local Home during my recent Seoul trip! 

 Just keep running, man! 

The most-watched reality game show on Philippine TV in 2022, "Running Man Philippines," is back on GMA Network for a more hilarious, entertaining, and fun-filled season. 

Photo from GMA Running Man PH

Oatside launches Pocket Packs in PH via fun-filled Oatside Pocket Festival!

Sunday, May 05, 2024

Oatside, the irresistibly tasty plant-based milk brand, launched its adorable Pocket Pack Series in the Philippines with the fun and colorful Oatside Pocket Festival.

Dani Barretto

Traveling for a Kpop Concert on the Same Day!

Friday, May 03, 2024

During the HUGE Taylor Swift craze due to her Singapore concert, I watched my peers' adventures on social media as they traveled to SG to watch her in her one and only Southeast Asian stop. 

My Day 0 for the Korea trip:

One interesting experience for me was of Kim Chiu's (the actress) which she posted on her Youtube. She showed how she traveled, changed her clothes, went to the concert, and then went back to the airport all in a day to watch her fave live. She even shopped for makeup in between!! Kim had no luggages with her, just a backpack, her concert outfit, and a few hours to get to the venue on time = The perfect recipe for an adventure. It looked so much fun and exciting! BUT I also thought that it's something that I will never ever do! Iba ang rush and stress! It was nice though to live vicariously and just experience it second hand through her vlog.

You can watch this Kim Chiu Taylor Swift Vlog here:

Even during the AgustD's DDAY tour, we really planned everything to the T, making sure we have AT LEAST TWO DAYS allowance before concert day in case something comes up. True enough, we had boo-boos during our hotel check-in which made us even more decided that we will never ever book a trip on the same day of a concert we're going to. It's super risky!

One of my ultimate fan girling core memory: Suga's DDAY Tour!

But as you might have known by now from my IG or Tiktok posts, I ate everything I said for the recent Seventeen Follow Again Tour in Incheon. 

I was all set for my spring trip, making sure it will not fall during Holy Week since my family goes to recollections during those dates, when Seventeen suddenly announced their concert dates and it was during Black Saturday and Easter Sunday! I said to myself, if maka bili ako ng ticket for their second day, which is same day as my flight to Korea, i-go ko tong concert nato. Bahala na. True enough, I was able to buy a ticket!! And so off we go to Korea for a same-day con!

 One of my favorite views <3

It was a 2:40am to 7:55am flight, so I was hoping I get some sleep!

Lights were switched off for most of the flight, and I had the row to myself. But I was twisting and turning the whole time. I think I only had a MAX of an hour of straight sleep!

Anyway, looking back, it was my very own Kim Chiu moment, haha! I flew early morning from Manila to Incheon. Prayed there will be no delays and mistakes coz I couldn't afford it with my time constraints. 

After the usual immigration and claiming of checked in luggage, I went to my usual airport errands for my travel essentials. Sharing some tips here in case you will also find yourself in a same-day flight and concert situation someday!

1) Everything's on the same floor, so don't forget these Korea travel essentials:

💰 Withdraw some cash (Or have your money exchanged if you prefer it that way). Cards are generally accepted everywhere, but in case of emergency it's best to still have on hand cash. There are international banks and ATM machines everywhere at the Arrival. I prefer just withdrawing KRW coz it's convenient, and charge is only about PHP 200. I use my BDO Debit Mastercard and it works every time.

🚆 There's a CU right across the money changers and ATM where you can buy your transportation card. It can be T-Money or Cashbee. You can reload your card at the train station. 

📱 And lastly, before the trip, make sure to pre-purchase a local sim card via Klook so you will have internet connection while traveling in Korea (use my promo code KLOOKANAGON for discounts!). I have yet to try the E-SIM which I am sure is more convenient since no need to claim it, but I used to have a locked sim card phone with SMART. I only got a new phone now, but as usual, even my physical sim card experience in Korea was hassle-free.

2) Prepare for Battle! Grab something to eat. Freshen up and change into clothes you'll wear to the concert while you have the time and logistics to do so.

I had my lunch in Starbucks that I passed by heading for the SPA ON AIR or the airport jjimjilbang. There are other food choices in that area, but in case your flight is red eye and most of the shops are closed, there is always CU convenience store (where you can also buy your T-Money or Cashbee card)

Had a quick bath at the airport jjimjilbang. Felt so nice to take a hot bath and change into clean clothes!! The space is perfect for quick freshening up, and I only paid PHP 500.

Had to EAT for more ener-energy, lol:

Not much pics since it's a public bath house! But you can read more on my past SPA ON AIR EXPERIENCE!

Updated price list for Spa On Air, 2024

3) Decide on Logistics. Where will you leave your bags? Will you still have time for check-in?

I took the airport train to get to my first hotel for this trip. Very convenient, since the hotel I picked is just 2 stops from the airport. You can also take a cab.

Super convenient train system since it's their airport railway, there are a lot of elevators and escalators.

Ang tagal ko din pinag isipan to during planning: 

Should I just book for a night at the airport (iwan muna bags sa luggage storage services), 

➡ Do I risk and book a hotel na agad in Seoul? (Kaso ang layo pa ng Seoul, e nasa Incheon nadin ako)

➡ I also almost booked an Airbnb very near the concert venue (since there were no walking distance hotels so bnb nalang). 

But later on I CANCELLED it when I realized that Airbnbs have late check-ins, and have no concierge that can help me with bags storage in case I don't want to wait for check-in time. May napala din ang pagiging over-thinker!!

My first whiff of Korean air for this trip while on my way to my first hotel:

With these factors, I realized that a TRANSIT HOTEL is the best option for me. One that is either near the airport or near the concert venue, or saktong asa gitna lang nila. Must be near a train station too, para iwas taxi and long walks while still carrying all my luggages.

I stayed in Incheon Airport Hotel Zeumes. Booked a room via Agoda for PHP 3,124.49 / one night. It's a bit pricey compared to my usual hotel room budget, but sulit talaga for the convenience and the hotel room itself--very spacious and comfortable.

Clean toilet and bath, and super spacious din for a Korean accommodation:

Great location, 2 stations away from Incheon Airport, and just across and a block away from the Unseo subway station. Travel time from airport to the hotel according to Google Maps is only about 13 minutes.

Anyway, the transit hotel I picked was perfect. I can go anytime to leave my luggage at the concierge. They have 24/7 staff in front so I can check in anytime at night after the concert. It was super hassle free and highly recommended!

More tips from my personal experience that might be useful for you someday!!

💥 Bring an EXTRA POWERBANK. Since I've been traveling since the night before (check-in was around 11pm, flight was at around 2:40am) I didn't realize that I have been consuming my powerbank the whole time that few hours before the concert, palowbatt na phone ko and wala nading power yung powerbank ko! My friend came to the rescue with her extra powerbank, but imagine going to a concert with just 35% battery waaa!

🍕 BUY FOOD on your way to the venue. In case. Yung nanyari sa akin, wala na palang food halls near the venue, which is a long walk pa from the train station. It was my first time there, so hindi ako familiar sa area. I was starving but also lazy to walk back to the train station, but I met up with a friend who had an extra powerbank AND samgak kimbap in her bag! Ahhh thanks T!

My lifesaver, T! Hahaha! I can't imagine, in all my "strong independent female solo traveler" facade, that I will face these minor travel boo-boos hahaha. So thank God for FRIENDS! :)

How I bought my Kpop concert ticket: 

I always get this question on my Insta! So here are some tips.

General tip: Stay updated with your favorite Kpop groups' activities by following and joining Facebook and Twitter groups that post anything and everything going on about your idols. I also have a Weverse account with my notifications ON so I am on top of everything. 

Another important thing I did was getting an Official Membership for Seventeen, also available on Weverse via the Weverse Shop tab. You will really get higher chances to buy a ticket during their official fan club members pre-selling vs when selling is already open to all.

Set an alarm for everything so it won't slip your mind. Make reading a habit, and plot everything on your calendar. From registering your membership to the site (They sold the tickets on Interpark, announcements were made via Weverse), to actual ticket purchasing. Be online an hour before the schedule para naka open na yung tabs.

Be DECIDED nadin on what ticket tier you're getting (and your plan B, C, D in case soldout na your first choice...) hindi pwedeng doon palang mag iisip. Walang time for that na talaga. Ready your online payment options, I used my BDO Mastercard for this, but I have a Maya card as back up.

Pray, and good luck!!!

Ending this post with this photo, my first cherry blossoms (?) or cherry blossoms ish sighting for this spring trip! A sign of the great week I'll be having back in my second home. ♥

Watch my vlog here:

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