FWEE Korean Makeup Pop-Up Store Visit in Seongsu, Seoul

Monday, May 13, 2024

Have you heard of the trending Korean makeup brand FWEE? I chanced upon it while in Seongsu, waiting for my slot for the J-Hope Pop-Up. 

Fwee's cute pop-up in Seongsu, Seoul, South Korea

I've seen this product reviewed by Tiktokers, including Jeffree Star!

FWEE is super popular now for their Blurry Pudding Pots. Their claim to fame is the variety of shades and the very good formula. 

And I have to admit, their whole branding is really too cute to resist!

You can freely try the testers in the store

Mirror selfie!

They have this chart categorizing their 30 FWEE Blurry Pudding Pots by skin tone, so if you have done your Color Analysis in Seoul, it narrows down your choice of shades

Swatched some of the warm tones.. But still so hard to choose!

Since I was in a hurry, I just picked a warm shade called "SEVENTEEN".

Line was pretty long, but fast. I had time to write on their freedom wall while waiting.

Honestly, nakaka-budol talaga yung freebies nila.

During my visit, they made me choose one freebie from these cute selections

They also made me choose the shell case color for my FWEE keyring

So fun!! I chose the Polly Pocket pink shell case

You can choose one freebie from their furry pouches and applicators. Plus, you also get a free Blurry Pudding keyring with shell color of your choice!

You can also choose a different shade of Blurry Pudding for your keyring, so I got the "Dear". It's so cute!

Total paid is KRW 17,600, or around PHP 700+ for everything! Overall, I super loved that the Blurry Pudding Pot is easy to use, especially with the silicone applicator. It can blur the lines of my lips and is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. A pot will really last for a long time, so the purchase is very worth it! 

Now I want to go back for more keyrings!

Have you been to FWEE in Korea?


@anagonnn My makeup budol for this trip: Visited the trending Korean Kbeauty brand FWEE’s pop-up store in Seongsu! I was able to get their best-selling Blurry Pudding Pot, which comes with so much FREEBIES including the silicone applicator and a makeup keyring. 💕 Too cute!! #fwee #seongsu #kbeauty #seoul @fwee official ♬ lucky girl syndrome - ౨ৎ⋆˚。⋆

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