The most popular shapewear styles to consider

Monday, May 13, 2024

Have you been looking for a tool that will help you boost your confidence and enhance your silhouette? Have you had the opportunity to try shapewear? These garments will provide firm support while smoothing out the curves of your body. 

Thanks to wholesale shapewear you will be able to find many options that are there to cater to different outfit choices and of course body types. To make your more informed decision we want to share some of the most popular styles that keep continuing to dominate the shapewear market. 

Briefs, high-waisted 

These usually are the go-to choice for people who are looking to shape and slim their midsections while these pieces also provide coverage to the waist and stomach areas.

They tend to be made from materials that are supportive but also comfortable and they offer a seamless silhouette under different outfits. Thanks to their versatile designs they offer style and functionality and are now in many wardrobes around the world. 


They have become quite popular thanks to their ability to streamline the entire torso area, from down the bust to the hips. These are garments that can be considered all-in-0ne garments and will provide a smooth foundation for a wide variety of outfits. 

They also have become a favorite of not only fashion enthusiasts but also loved by celebrities. You can wear them under different blouses or bodycon dresses, as they will provide you with firm shaping and control ending up in a flawless look. 

Waist cinchers 

They are also known as wholesale waist trainers have seen a new surge in their popularity in the past years, and this has been possible thanks to the endorsement of influencers and celebrities on social media. 

They have been designed to create an hourglass figure and cinch the waist, offering instant sculpting and slimming effects. 

Slimmers for the thighs

These will target your lower body while contouring Ana smoothing your thighs and butt area. They are particularly popular among those who want to minimize the appearance of cellulite and create a toner look in general. 

They are made out of breathable fabrics and have seamless designs. Of course, they also offer quite comfortable support throughout the day and are perfect to be worn under formal and casual outfits. 

Shaping camisoles 

These are a type of new arrival shapewear and they combine the versatility of such a fashion piece with the functionality of shapewear. They have built-in shaping panels that will target the midsection of the body. 

They have adjustable straps and usually a wide range of neckline options, as they offer support that can be customizable and also coverage no matter the body type. 

Leggings with control 

These leggings will offer you the perfect blend of function and fashion as they have the shaping capabilities of shapewear. They have compression panels that will support the lower body areas. You can wear them to work or also pair them with more casual pieces to create a casual outfit. 

Full body shapers 

These garments offer comprehensive smoothing and shaping for your entire body. They could feature integrated bras, but they have adjustable streaks and targeted compression panels. They are ideal to wear under some dresses but can be worn under other outfits too, as they offer a seamless foundation to get a polished look. 

Shapers for the arms 

They have become a popular choice for people who want to sculpt their upper arms and have them toned too. They have compression sleeves that will target the shoulders and arms which provides a slimming effect and reduces the flabbiness. 

They can be worn under fitted blouses or sleeveless dresses, as they will offer discreet support and shaping and give you a defined silhouette. 

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