Tagaytay Highlands: Ideal Place for a Weekend Staycation (and Future Home!)

Friday, June 28, 2024

Working in front of my computer or phone for more than half of each day made me appreciate nature trips more. It's such a luxury to just go outside, take a walk while enjoying the greenery and fresh air.  

A few weekends ago, I was invited to an overnight stay at Tagaytay Highlands to experience what it's like to have a home so close to nature, without hours and hours of travel time. As they describe their property:

"Tagaytay Highlands is home to The Highlands, The Midlands and The Greenlands, Tagaytay Highlands is a network of exclusive, themed residential communities that’s complemented by Asia’s most exciting golf courses, a selection of restaurants and a variety of leisure activities, all set amidst the stunning views of majestic Taal Lake and the lush, cool mountains."

Tagaytay Highlands is also the closest mountain resort community of its kind and scale to the Makati Central Business DistrictI was picked up from Festival Mall since I live in the area, and after just an hour's drive and some chit-chat, we arrived at the beautiful property of Tagaytay Highlands!

We were welcomed by the cabin-style accommodation at Tagaytay Highlands' The Spa and Lodge

We had a hearty breakfast first at the lobby of The Spa and Lodge before proceeding to tour the properties:

Over breakfast, I learned that The Spa and Lodge is located at one of the highest points of Tagaytay Highlands. During the best months from December to January, you'll get to experience the cool breeze of Tagaytay here. Imagine spending Christmas with your loved ones in this beautiful lodge! The 2-level structure is made entirely of Western Red Cedar logs from Canada. My boss from Canada even commented on my Instagram post that it reminded her of home.

According to their website, accommodations at the Lodge are available via a separate membership that is open exclusively to members of the TSL Club, while all Club members may enjoy the facilities the Spa has to offer. You may learn more about this here:

With full tummies and a brief rain scare, we decided to proceed with our tour of the property. Tagaytay Highlands is huge! We took a van to tour their new residential condominiums, townhouses, and lots.

We haven't even seen half of the property, but I learned that Tagaytay Highlands even has courts, swimming pools, a horseback riding ring, mini golf course, game rooms, a farm and zoo, and so much more! It's a dream place to live in!

Wow, they even have a tram inside! Unfortunately, it was under maintenance during our visit. 

I learned during the tour that most Tagaytay Highlands property owners chose this place as their weekend home. I can imagine working here for a week since I have a work-from-home setup; I could relax in nature during breaks!

Where leisure becomes life: Manifesting visiting Tagaytay Highlands on weekends to relax!

Trealva at Midland West is masterfully-crafted to bridge nature and wellness with spaces that create avenues for healthy and leisurely pursuits.

Highlands Residences is a low-density condominium community designed to take outdoor experiences to another level with amenities perfect for open-air activities. 

Primrose Parks, envisioned as a modern summer residential development, captures the vibrant beauty and lively energy of sunny days.

Horizon Terraces is an integrated residential property comprising of townhouses and condominiums that comes with abundant nature views and luxurious living spaces.

Here are some photos of the Tagaytay Highlands model units that we saw. They have both 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units, both well-designed, chic, and spacious. I love that they also put the balcony on the living room area so even guests can enjoy the lush green views of Tagaytay Highlands.

Tagaytay Highlands 2-Bedroom Model Unit:

Tagaytay Highlands 1-Bedroom Model Unit:

We also visited Tagaytay Highlands' chapel. They mentioned that many weddings have been booked at this venue:

From Gourmet to Comfort Food: Dining Experiences at Tagaytay Highlands

One of the things I truly enjoyed during our Tagaytay Highlands staycation was the FOOD! We went to The Country Club for our heavy meals, so we were able to try Lime and Basil for lunch and Amare Brick-Oven Pizza for dinner. You'll think that food quality would be compromised in a country club, but honestly, both meals were super memorable for me, haha!

I still think about the Thai food we had for lunch:

You know when you've tried a lot of Italian dishes, but the pasta, pizza, and soup at Amare still meet our taste? It means they're really good-good!

Had fun with this group! Hello Ruthie, Kister and Sharmaine! Miss you guys haha!

Pamper Time: The Spa Experience at Tagaytay Highlands

That night, we also experienced Tagaytay Highlands' spa by getting a combination massage in The Spa and Lodge. Much-needed, my muscles were thanking me after!

The Spa & Lodge Massage and Facial Price List:

A Look Inside Tagaytay Highlands' Rooms: The Spa and Lodge

Last but not least, let me show you how my one-bedroom suite looks. It was a very cozy stay. It did rain that afternoon after all our activities, but it made my window fog up like I was staying in a cabin out in the woods in a cold country! Hehe. I also work at night, and the ambiance was peaceful and quiet. I even enjoyed my Kdrama time before retreating to bed.

So spacious! Wish my family was there too, but alone time was also great!

The spacious toilet and bath:

Own a Piece of Paradise: Experience These Luxuries by Becoming a Tagaytay Highlands Property Owner

It was a short but sweet stay, I honestly don't want to leave yet during check out time. Tagaytay Highlands offered us a mix of luxury, nature, and relaxation when we needed it the most. It was the perfect spot for a serene escape from the city!

From their cozy rooms to the delicious food and relaxing spa treatments, everything is designed for the guest's comfort and enjoyment. But remember, these exclusive experiences are available only to property owners, giving you a private and privileged retreat. By becoming a property owner at Tagaytay Highlands, you get more than just a home—you get a slice of paradise. 

Thank you for allowing us to experience this sanctuary! 

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