Boyfriend look, and my self-confessed fashion boo-boo

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I have a confession.
I am fully aware that this is one big fashion no-no, but I can’t help but repeat it...again and again.
I wear socks with my nice shoes. Black foot-socks.
Another woe for the Fashionista Commuter is that our feet get easily tired, and worst: blistered, when rounding the metro in our shiny nice shoes (with heels!). So what I do is slip on my black foot-stockings…try to hide them as much as I can. And most of the time, fail to do so—so I am left with nice pair of shoes with black stockings peeping. ;p


But how can I hate something--even a no-no--- when it gives my feet the comfort it needs (and deserves!) for all the long walks from this meet-up to that? :D

Today I had a little shoot in the little hall of our second floor—just so I can post pics of “when worn” of my new Skinny Scarves for Anagon Collection. I am no model, but I don’t care. ;D

I also went out for meet-ups this latter part of the day…in Cubao, then Glorietta…tired feet and all from walking in my now-favorite shiny red heels—amidst the noise they create when I walk…clackety-clack- clackety-clack—like hooves or horse or whatever. Today I wanted to try the boyfriend jeans look, so I have no choice but wear my heels, unless I wanted to project the boyfriend look and not the boyfriend jeans look!..If you get what I mean! ;) Hahaha! (ok you may laugh now! ;D)

Anyway, pics! Pics! =)

Currently loving my late Nanay's purple necklace, and my dad's belt!!! :D
I hope he wouldnt look for it in a while! ;D

Tip to Toe:
Yellow 3/4s jacket with cute little ribbon details – P30 (???) – a thrift store
Here Comes the Sun Tee (perfect for the rainy weather! haha!) – P200 (???) – Whatever, Robinsons Dept Store
Jeans – P400 on sale at Herbench
Shiny Red Shoes – P1000 on sale at Charles and Keith
Belt – Dad’s
Necklace – Lola’s
Buddha Beads and Jelly Bracelets – P200 / P50 – Anagon Collection

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