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Sunday, June 14, 2009

If you’ve known me for a long time, you’ll know how much I just lurve my clothes “in full bloom”—printed with flowers to remind me of fields, of peace, of lazy daisy days. =)

Just yesterday, I slept over at Marj’s the night of Pussycat Dolls concert, and we (as always) browsed through fashion and celebs websites…and I showed her While browsing, we were blurting out why this girl looks good in clothes that are either a) “plain” or b) looks like from ukay-ukay (bought from a thrift shop), or why we can’t go out looking all fashown, or does looking good have something to do with being payat (thin). We challenged ourselves then to look our best when we go out. NO EXCUSES! =)

Here’s what I look like when I got home just a few minutes ago:

Still the biggest challenge for the Fashionista Commuter:
How NOT to stand-out in the streets—when you’re wearing something eye-catching such as my hand-me-down vintage overly-floral jumpsuit!

Solution = A black cover-up!

I also changed into my tsinelas (slippers) from Make-Your-Own-Havaianas to keep up with all the walking. =)

But here’s how I actually look the whole day (MEETUPS GALORE from morning till afternoon / barkada DINNER)

The challenge with this outfit lies in the floral jumpsuit: what shoes to wear (heels), how to dress it down (black cover-up), and toughen it a bit (leather belt!).

Tip to Toe:
New Hairdo – P300 – Tony and Jackey, Festival Mall
Black cover up with random buttons details – P350 – Moi Bien
Floral One-piece (Jumpsuit) – My tita’s (vintage)
Brown Belt – Dad’s
Spotlight Ring – P85 – Anagon Collection
Bangle – Lola’s
Red Wedge – Charles and Keith

Along with my renewed personal fashion challenge, I bought (with shaky hands and shakier wallet) the Olsen Twins book I just read about in the internet: Influence. I was so hyped when I saw a copy at Powerbooks while waiting for barx. I realized that I cannot NOT buy this! MK is the style icon in Anagon’s Life!


I guess to end the Fashion Challenge entry, on my way home—while in the bus from Ayala to Muntinlupa, sitting at the very end of the rows of chairs, dangling my now-happy feet (breathing in slippers!) loving all the space of late-night-commuting…Marj called me up to update on stuff, when I said: “Did I HIT or MISS?” And she right away said, knowing what i was talking about: “Ok kaya! Nun una kong nakita ng malapitan parang wala lang, pero nun malayo at makikita yun whole outfit, ok!” (Its okay! It didnt catch my attention the first time I saw it in close distance, but from afar and when you look at the details of the whole outfit, ok!)

Me: “Change talaga ok e.” (Change is really okay)

Wearing something weird and something that not everyone will wear is such a challenge. But where is the fun in fashion when all you do is to stick to the fashion magazine rules? Where is the fun in fashion when you care too much about what other people will like AND not like? =)

"But that’s the thing about Mary-Kate: She alone makes and breaks the rules for her life....She doesn't need approval from anyone or anything."
-Ashley Olsen on Mary Kate, From my new book (YEAH YEAH YEAH! Haha!) Influence =)

Candy Team mini-reunion! Haha!

Marla, Ej my fellow COC7, moi, and Angel! :)

With my favorite Pinoy chic-lit author: Marla! :)

Me and Ej sandwiching Chrissy of COC8! (our successors:))

Dinner with barquitos at Chilis (our now-favorite place to be, hahahahahah)

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