For a country with streets and malls flocked with slippers-cladded people.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

........An event like this is surely something to look forward to every year!!! ;)

A friend from college, Nizzi Gatdula, now works for a food publication. . . and one of the perks of working in a magazine that I am now missing (because i did not practice my degree)... is attending cool events! =) Add to that, its always THE opening event--meaning, the guests are all VIPs and celebrities..! Star-gazing for little ol' me! ;D

For the Make Your Own Havaianas 09, the press (including lucky ol' me! ;D) gets to take home a pair . . . with soles/straps color of my choice, and unlimited pins! :) After much deliberation, here's what I had:

Grey-Silver Soles - so that it wouldnt easily get dirty from all my walks

Yellow Straps - my favorite color since birth ;D
Culture Pins Left - Vinta, Tarsier, Jeepney, Sorbetero

Lifestyle Pins Right - Lomo Camera, Boom Box, Vintage TV, Yoga


And since pictures paint a thousand words........! :

Tip to Toe
Accessories from Anagon Collection
White Top from Landmark - P250
Cover-up from SM - P300
Pants from Herbench - P800
Bag - Gift from my Ate
Shoe-Bag- from Havaianas! :D

To reach Rockwell (the place of the event), I rode an MRT from Ayala to Guadalupe. After asking around, rode a jeep with the signboard "Leon Guinto". Asked for the jeepney driver to inform me if it's already Rockwell, walk a few km...and there! :)

Wheel of Fortune!
What color combination to choose!

This college student is the one who put-together my slippers!
All these guys and gals are college students,
working for MYOH as a summer job! :) So productive!

Fashion Show.
One of my favorite models: Kelly Misa! :)

Hosts of the night: celebrities Bianca Gonzalez and Drew Arellano

Cocktails, anyone? :)
I love to be treated like a VIP once in a while! :D

Coolest chandelier I've ever seen!

My group! :)
Nizzi in red,
Jen Bagus (classmate aslo in UST, now working for Stella Magazine),
and moi with my new flips!

Yours truly (beaming), Niz, and her boyfriend Iko

Thanks Niz!
A new tsinelas for the comforts of the feet of The Fashionista Commuter! ;) ;D

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