Attending a party for the not-so-party girl

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's not a secret anymore that I am not too fond of parties. I love debuts/weddings, I love preparing for themed parties (CAREER! =D), and I love great food+great company, but I never enjoyed disco+smoke+skimpy clothes+dancing and all those stuff. Am I just so conservative? A die-hard exclusive Catholic school girl? Too manang!!??? :D

Amidst my dislike for "wild night outs", I wasnt the type who had never been to one just because I don't like it--I always tag along my Party Girl friends no matter what.

Again, I hate the set-up, but I just love my friends! :)

Now, last Saturday, my friend since high school Mitch had an event at a bar in Fort, and she invited us through text and barkada Yahoo Groups---I knew I am free that Saturday night, so when I learned that Geo will be coming to the party as well, I confirmed "See you!" to Mitch--whatever the weather! ;) Hehe!

Barx Attendance (Saturday Night, Fuel Bar)
Moi, Geo, Mitch, and Marj

We saw our high school classmate (now Cebu-based!) Iara!

True enough, I had the diva moment of sitting around while everyone stood up to dance. Ever since highschool, I am the official "taga bantay ng bags" haha! I also went around outside the place to breathe, and wonder how people can take sweaty-arm-to-sweaty-arm (or whatever bare part of the body in close contact with another's ;D)...Or am I really just too KJ? :D Hahaha!

Tip to Toe:
White Shirt - Jockey for Men (folded sleeves, neckline cut)

Black Skirt - P100 (BRAND NEW!) - from a store near Uste, which i bought back during mi collegio days :)
Red Shoes - P1k - Charles and Keith
Accessories from Anagon Collection :) (belt, beads bracelets)

Oh, I have to say that I felt under-dressed again that night! I wore heels! :D Hahaha! But everyone's wearing silky garments, so yeah, the underdressed, not-so-party-girl, kill joy Catholic School Girl---went to Fuel on a Saturday night in her T-shirt---all for the love of her friends! ;) *wink*wink*


  1. you are not alone sis! i'd rather stay in at home with friends or go malling/ watch a movie/ bond over coffee than go to bars :D

    me loves your red shoes btw! :)

  2. Wah! :D Sisters talaga tayo! Coffee over Beer! ;) Hehehe!
    And also with shoes! :D Super love ko your booties! :)

  3. oo nga, soul sisters forever! :D

    super excited na ko sa sweldo, i'm going shoe-shopping! :D

  4. WOW! :D where! ?? What kinds?? :D I want naman black plain heels lang for this weekend din! :D


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