What to wear for a Christening

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Last Saturday was super fun for me, it was my first time to become a Godmother! When I first heard about this, I asked my mom the appropriate outfit for such an occassion...

Me: Anong dapat suotin? Dapat white siguro noh?
Mom: Hindi naman kailangan white...
Me: Ay oo nga naman, pwede naman florals...basta first time ko to cacareerin ko na to! ;D


The baby is my "good friend Hazee"'s---a college classmate. We werent even in the same group in college, but in our senior year, we bonded over a coffee break at the UST Central Library's Reader's Cafe. Yup, a friendship that started over coffee (and love life sharing haha! ;D)

Years went by, and we only see each other on our class' BASAGAN--a random house-party of beer, random booze, videoke, and crazy moments that started on our 4th year college Christmas party. On the Third Season of Basagan, Hazel said that when I was drunk I started to call her "my good friend Hazee!" gazillions of times! :D It might be embarrassing, that I cannot remember these things actually happened---but when I think about it, isnt it that drunks tell nothing but the truth? :)

So from coffee and beer, to providing accessories for Hazel's wedding, visiting Hazee in the hospital when she gave birth to Kirsten Hailey, and now to the Christening....
I know that our friendship is worth keeping. :)

All dressed in white! :)

Oh no ayaw niya sakin! :D

My Kumares and Kumpares during the post-baptism party :)

White "Curtain Dress" - Julia - P350
Cover-up - SM Dept Store
Chains Necklace - P200 - Anagon Collection
Yellow Bag - Bangkok

Dad drove me to UST that day, which I am really thankful for since I am wearing a dress in white. I wasn't haggard when I reached the location! :D Going home, I brought long shorts and wore them to dress down the look, removed all the accessories, and transformed again into Ms. Plain Cinderella after the "ball". ;)


  1. nice name :) my inaanak's name naman is Kaylee Brent :)

    hay nako alam ko yang "transformations" na yan, what I do pagpasok at paguwi from office, flip flops lang suot ko tapos sa office ko sinusuot yung heels ko :D

  2. Hahaha! :D Grabe all for the sake of fashion! Lagi tayong transformation--siguro commuter din si cinderella haha! :D

    Ay ang cutie din ng name!Our generation is starting to be creative when it comes to names ha...siguro sawa na sa ANA hahaha :D


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