Birthday Horoscope / Birthday's Eve

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hahaha! :D Better to skip a deadline on my birthday! :D I have the best excuse! :)
I spent night before my birthday (Bday Eve) with my friends at City Garden Hotel in Makati.
We had a great howtel bonding experience! Will post photos next to this. =)

I wanted to beat my Bday Eves every year! It's nice that since my family's tradition is to eat out on my birthday night, I have the bday eve and bday morning to spend with my friends. =)
Here are pics from past celebrations....which started circa 2007, with my UST friends:


21-Year-Old Anagon :)

Red Horse and Pulutan till 12ish am at 1611 in P.Noval, near UST!
College/AB Team friends :)


22-Year-Old Anagon :)

Shisha Party at Bollywood Greenbelt 3 with my barx. :)


23-Year-Old Anagon :)

Sofitel overnight with my family <3 =)

BDAY EVE 2010, posting in next entry! :) :) :)


  1. ang nene mo nung 21!!!!! hahaha

  2. the ana haha: benta name mo hahahah :D
    Grabe ang young and fresh ko pa nun, hahahahh! :D


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