I follow the stars, and believe in the intensity of its rotation. ;p

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In short, I love reading horoscopes. :D
It's a guilty pleasure!
My favorite is Philippine Star's.

Because of what my stars told me a few days ago (here), I decided to take time, to not hurry and pressure myself. Recharged (and I hope, inspired! ;p)....I worked today full-force in uploading photos and creating blogs in my accessories site (! :)). I also had pick up c/o Xend Express, and I answered replies in my site, and acknowledge and listed all Order Forms sent! :)

Now here's what my horoscope says today:

A super duper good sign for your resident tindera! =D
To more transactions, to more friendships built over trinkets and charms, and to personal success! =)


And just because of the comment on my past post re Horoscope by "the ana mentioned in this blog", who took notice of her sign (Pisces, just below mine),'s the FUNNY continuation of your horoscope for today, which I deliberately cut para may suspense, wahahah! :D

To "the ana mentioned in this blog": BAGAAAY! :D


  1. Wow, super apt yung horoscope for you sis! :)

  2. kaya i super love phil star's horoscopes, i know these are general stuff lang, but in Star, iba e parang sumaswak! :D hahaha!

  3. the ana mentioned sa blogJanuary 22, 2010 at 3:31 PM

    ako rin love ko na Phil Star's horoscopes hahahaha!

  4. haahhahah :D swak na swak rin sa-yow dude! ;) hahahahah!


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