Live High 2010!

Friday, January 08, 2010

This year, I promise to live life to the fullest. As cliché as this may sound, for me it works well when I say it out loud, or whenever I write things down-- kind of to remind me all the time of this very general-but-feasible resolution.

To grab every opportunity—with open doors or not, to be a “Yes Man!” person, to “Be Drunk” all the time (with life, with art, or even with alcohol ;)), to attract the Good Vibes, and to live a life where EVERYDAY IS A STORY TO TELL. =)

Here’s how my family welcomed the big 10!:

Annual "Gonzales Cooking Master Boy" Contest! :D
Every year thing my family does for Media Noche--So Mom doesnt have to cook!
Dad, Ate and I always join, Cea and Mom are the "comelec members"--winner based by voting ;) 

Dad preparing his dish

Reviewing his recipe

Which turned out to be----Tofu Sisig! :D

Ate prepared TWO dishes, this one's the vegetarian lasagna, which is really meant to win my vote! :)

Ate's Veg Lasagna and Meaty Enchilada, and Dad's Sisig :)

Mine's the most unprepared recipe, I bought everything (and thought of my dish) just that morning.

Everything instant! :D Hahaha!

I decided to cook mashed potatoes (instant ;))...added cream cheese and sour cream...

And arranged platters of spam, corned beef, parmesan cheese, peas, fried garlic, and gravy around it--ala "timpla your own". Hahaha!

Dad's Veg Sisig won!
Although still the last placer-forever (hahaha, the frustrated cook of the family!)
...I really had a great time! :)

From the Gonzales, in our messy clothes and humble home...
hope you had a happy new year's eve, and an even HAPPIER NEW YEAR! =) =) =)


Went out with the family on January 1, heard mass, ate lunch at CPK with my sisters, and then watched a film fest entry (I Love You Goodbye), and went ahead for the barx dinner in Kitchen Greenbelt3. Slept over at Mel’s house in prep for the Barx Kickoff Out-of-Town for 2010!!! =)
(also the BIG outing for our balikbayan barx Abi, who's here for 2 weeks with her family.
Barx Bora Attendance: Geo, Mel, Abi, Chicks, Mons, and Meeee! :))

January 2 to 6 white sand and friendship at Boracay! :D

I enjoyed Bora Day....

...And night.....

...And all those moments in between. =) (sunsets and midnight chikas!!!)

What a great way to start a year!
If the kasabihan that says whatever you do in January 1 will affect the rest of my year is real...then let me live in the beach with my barx forever! <3

"Everybodaaay join meee! 2010 is my year! Good Vibes!"
(That was me, channeling Wowowee's Ms. Congratulations hehehe)

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