"what if everyone looks the same?"

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Doing my usual Cafe World routine, I was surprised when I saw that one of my waitresses (aka my friends in real life) cropped her (virtual) hair short! And then that's when I realized that all my waitresses and customers suddenly don the boy-cut! :D Everyone looked one and the same!!! I texted Ana right away!

After clicking on the "change clothes" button, I returned to my cafe and everyone went back to normal.

Ana replied something like: "...Pano kung lahat ng tao sa mundo ay iisa lang ang itsura. Isang itsura for guys, isa for girls. So ang basehan nalang talaga ng crush, ugali. Interesting =) Hahahaha."

In the "doppelganger world":
A. Would you still like your current crush even though everyone looked exactly the same? (In uniform, hair color not invented, hehe!) 
B. What if when you finally chose someone, that's the only time when you'll find out what the person really looks like in the "real world"?...and C. you ended up with someone you're not really fond of in "real world" setting? :D

Me to Ana: Grabe pang book! :D

Another biglaan overnight at Ana's last night! :)
I have all my necessary stuff parked in her tukador already! ;D
My mom's getting freaked out with all these biglaan! ;p

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  1. That would be scary, I wouldn't want to look like everybody else x_x

  2. Hahaha! :D Sabi ko nga, ok lang ba iba iba parin ng style? =D Hahaha! Naka uniform daw kaya pati suot pareparehas! ;D I wonder kung kanino ako cclick pag ganun na everything's based lang sa ugali! :D


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