I wasnt able to attend "driving lessons" today...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Every Sunday for the past 3 or so weeks, Cea and I took driving lessons with our dad on our old beat up Isuzu Highlander, trying to swerve our way around our little subdivision and nearby connected villages---which are all extra-challenging because we weren't called the "Soldiers HILLS" for nothing! :D

Up and down we go, with dad practicing my "hanging"--where I always end up zooming mad downhill (backwards yo!), hahahaha! Anyway, I got that lessons last week (finally) after several tries, and now this week I wasn't able to attend our sessions because of this:

Whoop! Almost 4 dozens of wire art orders to be delivered for meet up tomorrow! =D Really got me all shaky-hands by the end of the day! All for the APO Hiking Society's final (last! adios!) concert my ate and I will be paying for (split) as Vday Eve treat for the whole family---we are all big Jim/Buboy/Danny fans since forever. We grew up listening to Panalangin, Pumapatak and Ulan, and Di na Natuto. My favorite most prob is Blue Jeans! :) Oh! And there's ANNA, the song hopefully will be sung to me in the future, roses, fireworks, and *insert cheesy stuff here* and all! :-D

And I can also pay my downpayment for my Viet ticket (booked c/o Ate's credit card, because yes at 24 I still don't have one! ;p)! Finally! I can see progress! ;D

I wasnt able to attend driving classes which is bad, because missing one day means missing a whole lot for me who isnt really a natural with these things! ;p I am not synchronized, coordinated, I can't even ride a bike! ;p Plus I am ta-rrrrembling and shaaaaking from all the wire-twisting...
.....*sigh*all for the good of good-times sake! ;D Hahaha!


  1. "all for the good of good-times sake!"

    Sweeeeet :)

  2. Hahaha! :D Inspired from the You better Watch out Santa Clause is coming to town song hahaha ;D

  3. daming wire art niyan sis ah :P goodluck goodluck :))

  4. Hahaha thanks sis ella!! :) Daaami nga! :D pero the best parin ang ating clay project before! ;) hehehe!

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