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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's so hard to catch up with stories after daysss of missing out on my blogging routine! :D
Things caught up and, well, gotta live the life outside my online home! ;)

Telling a story backwards (how do they call this in "story writing"?). Here goes! =)

Feb 16: I taught accessories making for whopping 30+ students at the De La Salle University's Alternative Class Day! =)

Someday, if I'll have a repeat "teaching career", I'll make a huge pliers or beads or wires out of cartolina or styro, for demo purposes--since it was super hard to teach in front of the room with tiny tiny materials, that people at the back can't see anything. What I have to do is to approach the students group by group--by twos or threes--so I can teach them the technique hands on...Which I think is also good anyway. =)

Where's Wally! :D

I had one guy and one gay in class. =) I think it's cute they enrolled in Beading 101! The guy, while making the ring, asked help to make the ring size smaller..coz he will be giving it to somebody else daw. =)

When dad saw what I wore for my "class" (white shirt, black shorts, black flats, and a nice floral coat)...He said I was too "rugged". I told him: "Hindi naman ako Math Teacher!" Hehehe!

With Nikki (the one who invited me, thanks! :)) and Martee.

Feb 14: Valentine Dates: Marcianos Greenbelt with Ana and Ava, and then watched the rock musical RENT.

I wasn't planning on watching RENT just because of the lamest reason "na wala akong kasama e". Good thing  the play was brought up on my birthday, and Ana said I can tag along with her college sorority sister. =) 

We had a hard time with the tickets, but we scored three Orchestra Side seats to think it was already late January when we thought of looking for them. 

I really enjoyed RENT! :) Although I feel that if I wasn't able to watch the film version, I wouldn't be able to understand the play. I am not sure why, but there were parts that just "missed" it. Check out Our Awesome Planet's very honest REVIEW. Although with some glitches, it was a nice Vday night experience... It reminded me of the beautiful musical film my high school best friend made me watch, I think, 4 years ago. Still, NO DAY BUT TODAY! :)

I love the voice of the girl who played Mimi. It was low and coool. Also, I lovelovelove the part when they all lined up, facing the audience (us) and sung Seasons of Love. I was kilig and gushing! Everyone was! Especially on the part:
Oh you got to you got to remember the love,
You know that love is a gift from up above
Share love, give love, spread love
Measure, measure your life in love.
 Oh that lady did hit the high notes!!! =D Sent me "whoooo!"-ing and clapping-crazy! Hahaha! Ana said she wished they repeated the number by the end of the play! =)

Feb 13 (pm): Watched the last Vday concert of the APO Hiking Society with my family, at the SMX.

They're reallyreally good! :) I love the songs lineup!
And nakakabilib that they performed without breaks, and I think they did not missed out any of their hits!

Trivia: We were named after the APO's song ANNA! :)

The youngest in the crowd! =)

I hope somebody will blog on the set that night, I really love all the songs they performed, and was entertained by their props and medleys and in-between-songs stories! :) They're the best in medleys and blending of voices!!!

Feb 13 (am): Third Jogging Day with Ana.

Ayaw niya ng pic hehe!

Where we ended up eating these right after. =p Aww fail!

Feb 12 pm: Watched Percy Jackson with Ana.

We really love the book version! :p But the movie did not follow it AT ALL! But it was fun watching it narin. =) We just felt that they weren't planning on releasing the whole series in film, that's why they did not care to follow the book. ;p

Feb 12 (am): Lyka Drama

Oh the drama of breakin' up few days before Valentines Day! Sorry Lyks for blogging about you! Hahaha!

Lyka texted me Friday morning, and wanted to meet up and "talk to a friend". We spent the whole day together, while doing my usual businesswhathaveyous...And then had our talk later on at the mall. She and her guy of almost 2 years broke up that morning, and while I was being my "feeling Doctor Love" self...Lyka later on that night revealed that "It was all a ploy!" Turns out her "lover-ex-and then back to lover" meant to surprise her pre-Valentines with a couple's ring. =D Nasty!

I honestly don't know if I'll be happy or what, after seeing my friend grieving the whole afternoon. Oh well, All's Well That End's Well. =)

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