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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Over the phone you said you could picture how I looked."
"I meant there was something I could sense about you."
"And that was enough for you to spot me right away?"
"I could tell in no time at all."

My meet ups with accessories buyers from my online shop requires me texting detailed account of my outfit for the day (coz you just can't say "I'm wearing red!" haha) and exact location.

Usual script goes:
"Hi____! I'm here na in McDo, near the CR, in the pang-dalawahang upuan, wearing orange floral top and big violet bag." Or
"I'm in black with two big bags here at South Gate"...Haha!

Good thing I am always in something weird, it's easy to distinguish me in a crowd (I think! :D)...How easier the life of meet-up-er like me if only people can sense the other, ala the quote I posted above, which I pulled out from my current read:

It was actually a hard-read while commuting, holding the book while my other hand held on the train's pole to keep my balance. ;p But going home from my short meet up today, I realized I am starting to comprehend the language Murakami used in this novel. =D ;D I actually love the story!

Btw, went to one meet up today in Cubao with a girl who can't send her deposit slip in clear copy. Afraid of bogus buyers, I asked if we can meet up instead of shipping...she turned out to be a nice girl who studies in UST. =) I was just being praning (paranoid), but it's all for the biz! Met her while eating angel hair pomodoro in Burgoo (yum-mmyyyy!)

After Cubao, I went to Summit Office and bumped into Niz, who already resigned from Cosmo Mag. I went there to drop off accessories for a fashion shoot--I am really really really excited on this one because they'll be featuring Anagon Collection not on the article/feature/situation pages (as so the past months), but in the FASHION PAGES this time!!!! =D Weeee!!!

PS: If I meet up, let's say, an average of 10 people a week, then that's 40 individuals a month, 480 new faces in a year!!! What if I continue meeting up buyers till I'm, let's say, 30 years old...that's 2880 people to stumble upon...some even become friends with!... from now till then!!! :D

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