A Piece of Me .... In March 2010

Monday, March 08, 2010

Second time to do this.
Must have done this yesterday (every first Sunday of the month!), but caught the flu...So I guess I'm excused (???) Hehe! :)
If you want to join Sis Krissy and Me with this, Click here. ;-)

Here goes mine:

I like: That it's my long lost sister's birthday month! =)

I don't like: That the month started with BV (bad vibes)...With me getting sick, and everyone around me getting all lazy and bored with life and it's routines. That's why I concluded to Ana that maybe not naming this month was the prob (unlike last February: which we called Fitness Month, and we have our jogs to look forward to!)...So March is Goodvibesmarch! (saved in my phone's templates, just to get hyped!)

I want you to know: That I'll be having my room renovated this week and the next! :) I am still thinking if this is worth the money (since who knows if I'll still live in this room the next year...or even the next months! :D You can never tell! ;p) But thinking of a white room (from my current dark blue!) with more shelves, and cool gray floors, and and wall stickers....with white-black-red theme, wow, I think this will be worth it!

Photos from Google Search and Sticker Avenue--a site that sells reallyreally cute wall stickers!

I've planned: To join a Holy Week retreat in Sagada. More info of this in Life Academy's SITE.
I was thinking twice about this, till Ate referred AND REGISTERED me to one, and I deposited my payment with both eyes closed--and just go with the flow as to where this journey will take me. I've always wanted to attend a retreat of some sort for Holy Week, and not spend it at home like I usually do. But I was afraid because I am all alone here, but then Geo joined just yesterday, so things are falling into place. =)

Photos from Life Academy's site. No copyright infringement intended.

I want to say to someone special: Give more, expect less.
 But then, maybe it's not the kind of love that you've been looking for.


  1. First of all I want to say I hope you're feeling much better now :)

    And wow! Room renovation! I wish we can repaint our apartment but it's against the terms and conditions we signed up for :( Congratulations and good luck! Super exciting naman!

    And do you know na naghahanap din ako ng retreat? Kakamiss mag-aral sa Catholic schools were these were just the norms. Naka-long vacay ako ngayon pero I wasn't successful to find one. I really, really, really want to join din yan, sayang may pasok na ako :( Enjoy ka sis! Sana next time meron uli.. :)

  2. Thanks sis :) Overdosed with no-drowse neozep! hahaha! :D

    Naku tayo pang mga forever wants change, im sure kating kati ka rin with space makeovers, like how we want makeovers for ourselves all the time hehe! :) i hope ok kalabasan! :)

    Wah i always say that din sis, na those were the days in highschool na normal ang retreats and reco, sayang ngayon we really have to make an effort! buti nabanggit ko kay ate, and now im in on a holyweek retreat, i think may mga ganyan din ang life acad even when it's not for holy week, check out their site! :)


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