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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Please don't tell me I should have lived in Tumblr instead. Hahahah! I dont have an account there, but I love browsing through the famous pages from that site, and bookmarking the urls I find really interesting bloggers/re-bloggers alike. Hehe!

Old carnivals and rusty roller coasters. Will always intrigue me like from a scene in Are You Afraid Of The Dark? A childhood thrill-addiction, goes with reading all the Goosebumps and other RL Stine books (Choose a scare!). ;p

 A stick reflecting a gun, a killer hidden in the shadows. I couldn't explain how I wanted to influence people close to me (who are all smokers, hah!) stop the habit, but later on will tell them that I know everything is in vain because in the end, it's all up to the person. But then, at least I tried! I wouldn't want the day to come when I have to look back and say why didn't I at least tried
(Some people around them might see their little habits differently (cool? a bond?), when me as their (non-smoking) friend will see those sticks as slowlykillin them. ;p I am over-reacting, but it's because I guess it comes with my role. As their friend who cares. ;-))

A photo of a lone girl reaching to the skies, enveloping herself with the universe. I love meditations. I miss attending my yoga classes, or just being all-"reflecty". But I guess blogging helps! The girl reminded me of Star Girl Caraway in the second book (Love, Stargirl). =)

I rode my bike to Enchanted Hill. I walked to the center. The ground was cold and clumpy against the soles of my bare feet. I liked the feel of it. The hard, real now-ness of it. I felt alone on the planet drifting through the cosmos. With both hands I reached out to the night. There was no answer. Or maybe I just couldn't hear it.

All photos from =) I love that site!

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