Some room updates....

Last night was my first night to sleep again in my blue room.
No more strong paint smell, and ate is back from Bohol, I have no choice but to try out my room's feel/aura.
Slept till 12 noon! Haha!

Did not go out today (for our jog!!!) just to continue filling and arranging the shelves with my beads, boxes, supplies, books, notebooks, wires, etcetera. :D Also started cleaning the old shelves and cabinets--throwing away old notes, trying to organize and store knick-knacks, memorabilias, papers. I realized it will take more than a day to do this--even a week! ;p

Anyway, I'm loving my huge bed right now, so cleaning up (also known as time machine/looking back/reminiscing! :))...the whole day is perfect for a looong night of beauty sleep. =) I love it!