Summer 2010 Wish List

Monday, March 29, 2010

1. A black Rayban Wayfarers
..To look instantly "celeb"-ish (haha), and just perfect for the summer! ;p

2. A Men's Watch
Techno Marine in white&gold will be great! 
Or even in standard black (to match any outfit)'s the ultimate accessory! =p

3. A Denim Polo
(from promod's website)
Coz I'd like to try different experimental-styles with it: 
a) Denim-on-Denim
b) Monochromatic Outfit (All-Blue)

4. Floral and Bright Skirts
(Top Shop skirts pic from
The ultimate summer bottoms! :D Light and breezy!

5. Summer-y Sandals
So I can take my maxi-dress out of the closet, even when it's not (yet!) for a beach trip! ;p


  1. I love summer! I wanna go back to the beach! :D

  2. WAH! :D I wanna GO to the beach! :D Summer started na, and wala pang plans ang barkadaaaa!!! :D


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