Still the same :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wore this for today's trip to Summit Media's office to deliver some accessories for another Candymag photo shoot (wee!!!). I wanted to try out the checkered-floral combo--a supposed to be "off" look, till I saw fellow fashion bloggers pulling this style easily! Asked mom on my way out of our house about my mix-matched outfit for today, and she told me it was summer-y! :)

Not planning anything for the afternoon, till my best friend from high school [Myey] texted me that she'll be going to Alabang that day (my area). Told her I will be going to Boni area first but have no plans after, and figured out she'll come from Ortigas (near Boni)--so we can go to Alabang together!

Had lunch at Manggan in Megamall, then had Fro-Yo (frozen yogurt) in Red Mango (megamall also)--where I realized that my crowd are so into this new healthy-cold-treat craze in the country!

Meet my "Bes" :-) 
She's getting thinner every time I meet her!!! ;D

Honestly, it's been months since I've seen her. And the last times we saw each other weren't actually big-bonding experiences. Bes was super into her work and became busy--being a breadwinner and all to her family in the States. I am super proud of her that she always gets (and fights for!) what she wants--the condominium unit that she wanted, where it should be, the car that she wanted, etcetera...In her own words "NO COMPROMISE". But thinking of our high school years of being inseparably-together, I have to admit that not having the same her around and having a more serious girl instead made me feel bad--but that's because I did missed her a lot. 

My Bes' Mess ;-)

The Serious Willed Achiever Bes I will always love. =)

But thank God for this day of meeting her again, riding the bus with me (your Fashionista Commuter! :) Hah!) to go from Megamall to Festival Mall, eating out (with her still eating more than me!!! :D), cry-talks or what we called way back as our "philosophical talks" (haha!), and even singing songs she wrote in high school (because I still know the lyrics, while she--the composer--forgot some of them na!)! The moments though that stuck to me now that my long day with my best friend already ended were all the laugh-trips we had awhile ago. I can't remember the last time we have been together this long since we separated from 7am-5pm-high-school. And it was a day I realized why she was my best friend in the first place: days with her will always be lessons-filled, matched with getting support from a friend on my goals, and topped with laughter. I realized that some situations change--people have to grow because of situations, but there will be these immeasurable things that are actually still *sniff* the same. =,) 


  1. Wow, these floral shorts are absolutely gorgeous. And sounds like a great day

  2. Hi there sis Ana! :)

    I love your outfit especially the floral shorts! Been looking for something like that...

    I like this post too, I miss my best friend too. Good thing, I might get a chance to see her again this May! I am so excited to go back to Phils. I hope to see you too! I love lots of stuff in your shop, I hope it would still be available by then (especially the body chains!)

  3. Thank you Nathalie! :D That shorts was actually just thrifted, and was formerly a long pants - -- I think this became more wearable as shorts! :D

    WOW youre going here in Pinas and SOON Sis Candy!!!:D I really hope we get to meet!!! :)

  4. Hi Ana! I also like your shorts :) don't worry this era isn't about matching anymore! It's all about pulling it off. And you did ^___^ ! Parang similar nga shoes natin eh! Hehe.

    Aaaaw. My bestfriend's my weakness too. As we get old, we really have no choice but to really live our lives and somehow be separated from friends who were once ALWAYS (couldn't emphasize more) with us.

    PS. I've been looking in your shop. I wanted to buy lots of accessories nga eh. :( If I buy everything I want I'll end up penniless na. Haha. One at a time. *sigh* SOON *wink*

  5. Aww thanks sis! my friend will say, it's not "mismatched" but "mix-matched" =) ;)
    Dont we just love our friends? :)
    Thank you so much again for supporting my shop! :) :) All the luck with yours too sis!! :)


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