Anagon's Blog hits its 1st year! =D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three days from now marks my one year of "living" here in Blogger/Blogspot.
April 24, 2009, I decided to make a new blog circling on fashion--inserting tidbits of my life, and named this place "The Fashionista Commuter". I wasn't sure of my goal back then--Multiply became lonely when people decided that Face Book is the new craze. Tumblr is for micro-blogging, which is not me since I am a big online blabber. Chictopia, Lookbook, and other fashion social networking sites are cool, but I felt I wouldn't fit in yet. So Blogger became a new home.

After years of living in Multiply (I think around 4 years!), Blogger has been a quitter alternative. I left my Multiply friends, and started telling stories to new people I meet here. Some old friends will ask for my new blog, which I am sincerely thankful. And after realizing that I can't just talk about the outfit, I changed my home address to "anagonsblog"--so I can freely talk about other things in my life. And then and there, though I still miss anagonzales in Multiply, I actually felt at home in the quiet, yet growing world of Blogspot. =)

To celebrate my first year, will be giving away a Wire Art Loot from Anagon to one lucky girl:
(Note: Prize will be shipped for free! But so sorry, this contest is only for those who live in the Philippines! =/ ) :

1. A Gold (or Silver--whatever you prefer) Wired Heads Headband

2. A Name Key Chain / Bag Charm - Gold or Silver! =) (with the word/name of your choice, of course. ;))

and 3. A Twisty Heart Long Necklace (gold/silver)!

To Join:
Step One: Just comment on this post or email me ( on what is your favorite blog post in Anagon's Blog, and why. =)
Step Two: Include your name and email add. ;-) 

Promo runs till the end of the month! =)
Again! Thanks for being part of my blogging life! =)


  1. Hi Ana! Melai (recent buyer) here! Exciting contest you have here. :) Happy first blogger year!!! I just started this month here in blogspot but I started blogging around november 09 in livejournal (newbie me!)

    Anyway, I mentioned Anagon and the necklace in one of my posts :) (texted you about it right?)

    Natuwa ako dun sa post mo about being part of candy council of cool (COOOOL!). I've always wanted to join when I was younger (As in). I wrote drafts but never really submitted. The thing is, I wasn't confident with my writing skills so I ended up not trying. Seeing you've done it before makes me wonder what would have been if I tried. Aaaw.

    Anyway, as you can see, my low self esteem about my writing manifests in the fact that I only started blogging now (I'm in my 20's) while other people have begun when they were teens. But the past stays in the past (nothing I can change about it) and all we have is to catch up with today. More blogging years to come! I love your accessories. I'll buy for more when I have the budget :)

    Style and Soul

  2. I have lots of favorites as I like your style, but maybe the one I like most is your blog about our JASON CASTRO EXPERIENCE, mainly because it was a shared experience for us! :D

    You know I love you! Here's to more years of blogging and friendship :)



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